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Exciting news! We’ve recently made a change with We’ve moved it to a different home. has been your go-to source for all types of wishes since 2019. But we felt it was time for a fresh start and a new web address. So, we’ve shifted things over to a fantastic website called

Now, instead of landing on, you’ll be redirected to, where you’ll find the same great content and wishes you’ve come to love.

We apologize for any confusion this may cause, but we promise it’s all for the better. is a vibrant and user-friendly website that will continue to provide you with all the wonderful wishes you’ve enjoyed on

So, don’t forget to update your bookmarks and visit us at We’re thrilled about this change and can’t wait to welcome you to our new online home!

Warm regards, The Team (now known as

For any query, you can contact this email akash[at]



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