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Elegant Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Elegant Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Congratulation! You just had good news, “You are Pregnant”, and you start planning when you are going to arrange a baby shower and invite your loved one. Since you got news, you have plenty of time and option to decide when you are throwing a shower. Do you want it to be coed? How traditionally you wish to arrange a baby shower party? Are you sure you have to do all of these?  Also, need to decide what to write in the invitation to say? Here, you will find our collected elegant baby shower invitation wording for your baby shower of any kind.

Baby Showmember’smember’sation Etiquette

Before you decide, what you are going to wording in baby shower invitation, it will good idea to figure out the logic for the invitations.

What To Include On A Baby Shower Invitation

When planning for baby shower and order invitation card, make sure, you include all of the necessary information. Make sure you include below information:

  1. Name of parents
  2. Date and time of the event
  3. Who is hosting (If someone else then parents host it)
  4. Location of the event and
  5. Directions
  6. The theme of the baby shower (if applicable)
  7. Dress code
  8. RSVP (if any)
  9. Specify if the guests need to bring anything
  10. Specify if the baby shower is adults only

Additionally, if you know the name and the gender the child, you include in the shower invitation card.

Who to invite to the baby shower?

Who you invite the baby shower, depends on the kind of shower you planning to arrange. It can be coed, or you can have two showers. You can have a traditional shower that is for all mom. You can also have a diaper party for the men for dad. Once you decide, organise your guest list with their name and address.

Where should the baby shower be held?

You can hold baby showers at a Variety place but usually held at the home of the mom-to-be or the hostess house. However, you can also arrange a baby shower at family members home if you prefer it. You also consider the number of guests is invited. If it’s more then 30, then you should find renting out a local venue where you accommodate all of your attendees.

Who Do You Invite To A Baby Shower?

Family members and friends should be invited for the baby shower. Before making the final guest list, you consult with mom-to-be on the guestlist thoroughly, just in case she has the plan to invite her co-worker or friend add in the list. Mom-to-be may have a few people she doesn’t want to add in the final guest list. If you have distant but close relatives who are unable to attend, you can consider making a video call during the mom-to-be thank you speech.

When To Send Out Invitations For The Baby Shower?

Once your Baby Shower invitation cards are ready, sending out the card well in advance is very important. You should try to send the invitation at least a month before the shower event. This way, the guest will have enough time to plan to their schedule, inform you whether they can attend or not, and buy a gift for the baby.

Sweet Baby Boy Shower Invitation Wording

As time goes, your little prince is on the way, and you are so excited to welcome him into the world. You need to find the proper sentences for your card to express your excitement to your guests. These ideas will do just like that:

Sweet Baby Boy Shower Invitation Wording

Your little boy is on the way to the world, and you are so excited to welcome him. You need to find the right words for your invitation card to express your excitement to all of your guests. Some of these ideas will do just that.

Our precious little prince is on his way.

Our little world is going to be completed as we’re expecting our baby boy to come to this world. Let’s celebrate this blissful occasion with lunch and games.

Come help us celebrate baby boy _____.

Sailboats and rubber ducks,
Surfboards and dump trucks,
A baby boy is on the way,
Let’s celebrate with a special day.

An adorable little boy is about to lighten up our world very soon. You’re invited along with your family to make this happy moment more cheerful.

Oh Boy! Come help us shower ______.

A basket full of sunshine
A house full of joy
What could be sweeter?
Than a bouncing baby boy!

He’ll be daddy’s copy and Mommy’s good boy; waiting eagerly to hold him in our arms. You all are invited to twice our happiness.

We are excited to welcome our little man into the family. Help us celebrate.

Hickory, Dickory, Dock
There’s about to be a new baby boy
On the block

Life is offering us the most precious gift ever in the shape of our baby boy. Please join us for a baby shower to welcome our prince.

It’s a boy! Come welcome and celebrate our little boy.

It’s a boy this time and our adventure begins with love. Join us for a baby shower to make the fun of this adventure hilarious.

A beautiful treasure,
More precious than gold.
A precious baby boy
For (mother’s name) to love and hold!

Everything will be light blue, we hope to celebrate our baby boy with you!

With little dreams, a tiny little boy has sent from heaven. Join us to celebrate the happy occasion of a baby shower.

A baby boy is on the way! You’re invited to come to celebrate our newest addition.

Tiny fingers, tiny toes
Little itty-bitty clothes
Boats, cars, wooden toys
Guess what she’s expecting…

With the grace of God, we’re expecting a baby boy. So come join us for a baby shower with games and lunch.

Baby Girl Shower Invitation Wording

Having a baby girl is always s special moment. You have to be perfect in wording for the invitation to get everyone else as excited as you are for your little princess. Our collected examples are sure to make everyone smile when they open your invitation.

A baby girl is just on her way. Please join our baby shower party to welcome the baby and bless the mom-to-be.

We’re tickled pink to announce there is a girl on the way.

Baby Girl Shower Invitation Wording

Come help us shower _(name)_ with love.

Chubby cheeks and stubby toes
With a baby girl, that’s how it goes.
And that’s what (name’s) looking forward to,
Come to the shower so we can celebrate with you.

Please join us for a shower to honour _(name)_ and her daughter _(name)_.

We’ve arranged for a baby shower and Luncheon to heartily welcome our second darling daughter. Please do the honour to join us.

Popsicle kisses and grass stains,
Ponytails, dance and soccer games,
A baby girl is on her way,
Let’s celebrate with a special day!

Daddy’s little chubby princess is on her way. Make yourself free to join our baby shower party to welcome the baby girl and the mom-to-be.

(Mother’s name) baby girl is on the way,
Let’s help her get ready for the big day
We’ll shower her with gifts for the little one,
Be sure not to miss all the fun!

It’s a girl! Come celebrate our little girl.

Daddy’s princess and Mommy’s heart is on her way to come. We humbly invite you to join us for a baby shower.

A little princess is on its way!
To light up the lives of all dull and bay!”
Please join us for a baby shower in honour of (mother’s name)

A baby girl is on the way, so we are showering her mother with gifts for the big day.

The ruffles, the bows, the skirts that twirl
The (parents’ name) is having a baby girl!”
Please join us for a
Baby shower luncheon
Honoring (mother’s name).

She’d be the light of heaven and beauty of the world; we’re the lucky parents-to-be of a baby girl inviting you for a baby shower.

Soft as a whisper so precious and sweet,
Tiny perfection from her head to her feet!
Come meet (baby’s name)
At a shower for (mother’s name).

With happy smiles and blissful hearts, we’re waiting to take the little chubby cutie in our arms. You’re invited to bless the mom to be and her upcoming princess.

We’re tickled pink and happy to say
A beautiful baby girl is on her way!”
Join us for a baby shower in honour of (mother’s name) on…….

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Bibs, diapers and bottles, the little one is coming! Make the baby shower of our first child memorable with your pleasant presence.

Just a little get together
It will be such a treat,
In honour of someone we
Would like you to meet!”
A baby shower for
(mother’s name).

We’re about to have a baby on due, but have no clue! So just have fun, wine and dine on our baby shower party. Please do come.

Prince or princess, we don’t know.
Soon to arrive, to steal the show!
Join us for a shower for the soon to be a mommy (mother’s name).

No hint whether it’s a girl or boy, but it’s a twin! Please join us on this moment of joy to twice the excitement with a book instead of a card.

Butterfly kisses and baby wishes!
A little one is on its way!
Join us for a baby shower in honour of (mother’s name).

Magic is about to ferment with the arrival of our twins. Please join us to honour our twins-to-be.

(mother’s name) is ready to pop!
She might just need some time to hop!
Honouring a mother’s name for a baby shower.

Ahoy! A precious bundle of joy is knocking our door as ten little toes and fingers are crawling down from heaven. Join us to celebrate this remarkable moment.

A little pumpkin is on its way,
Let’s celebrate with a special day!
Please join us for a baby shower honouring (mother’s name).

We’ve got a surprise cooking. Join us for our shower and find out what the surprise is for yourself.

With the grace of God, we’re going to be three as a little angel is on its way. So let’s make this exciting day special with a baby shower.

A brand new baby is on the way, so let’s celebrate with a special day!
Please join us at a baby shower for (mother’s name) on……..

Little man, or little lady? It’s a surprise for us too! Come join us celebrating our newest addition to the family.

With Bonanza and fun, we’re having a party to spin. Be a part of our paradise and celebrate the arrival of our little munchkin.

Someone Special
Someone Dear
Someone New
To Love Is Here”
Join us in showering (mother’s name)
With a baby shower on………

Our life’s greatest adventure is about to start. Please join us on this special occasion to welcome the advent of our first baby.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, come help us shower our special child.

Please come and join us in sharing (mother’s name) joy
As she prepares for a little girl or boy!”
A baby shower and luncheon on…..

Coed Baby Shower Invitation Wording

A coed baby shower is not traditional than a typical baby shower. Lets your guests know it is coed, mention both of the parent’s names on the invitation. Keep neutral colouring on the invitation card, so it doesn’t look like it is for one specific gender to be invited as well.

Be it a boy or a girl,
We simply can’t say…
But let’s shower the parents
Before their delivery day!
A couples baby shower for
(Parents’ name).

“_____” and ” _____ ” invite you to their coed baby shower.

(Parents’ names) are having a little darling!”
Please join us for a
Couples baby shower.

Mr. and Mrs. would like to invite you to welcome their child into the world.

Guys and girls,
Let us eat, drink, and celebrate!
And welcome (parents’ names) little one!
Join us for a CO-Ed…….

Come celebrate the soon-to-be parents! This couple’s shower will welcome baby ___.

It was a joint effort,
So, it is a joint shower!
(parent’s name) are having a little one!
Join us for a couple of shower in the honour of (parents’ names).

Come join us for a couple’s shower. All are invited and welcome to come.

Diaper Party

What is a Diaper Party? A diaper party is a baby shower for the dad-to-be and his friends, and instead of buying and bringing gifts from a baby registry, they bring diapers and wipes for gift purpose. Diaper parties are normally centred around two things: beer and diapers. It is a casual celebration.

New baby in the works. Come visit the construction site!

Huggies for chugging at our diaper party. Join the celebration at this man shower for ____.

BBQ, Babies, & Beer! Buns in the oven, and burgers on the grill!

A Baby is Brewing so we’re throwing a bash, and it wouldn’t be a party without you there. Come raise a glass to our new addition.

Bottoms up! Bring your diapers and wipes for a good time celebrating our baby on the way.

Since we’ve got a bun in the oven, we’re firing up the grill to celebrate the baby-to-be—with burgers and brats!

There’s a bun in the oven and burgers on the grill. Come celebrate at our couple’s diaper party.

A baby is brewing. Come join us for a diaper party celebration.

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We hope you’ll find a suitable one from our list of baby shower invitation wordings.