Fed Up Quotes and Sayings

Fed Up Quotes and Sayings

Why does a person get fed up? When does a person get fed up? How can it be reduced? These are such a significant number of inquiries looked by individuals consistently. Fed up turned into a most common quote in the present life. Barely any individuals truly get exhausted, while few individuals attempt a ton and a great deal and after that get tired and surrender the work. Getting exhausted is very normal.

Fed Up Quotes and Sayings

People are fed up with seeing the same thing over and over. They want a qualitative change. ~ Amitabh Bachchan

Whenever I get fed up with life I love to go wandering in nature. ~ Andrea Arnold

I started coming to the U.S., they were offering me only the typical stereotypical roles: the drugged, the criminal, the gang member, or in the best-case scenario, the gardener or the cook. I was fed up with all these roles that were always the same. And I promised I would try to change the image of Latinos in Hollywood. ~ Eugenio Derbez

We believe only in deeds and acts and not in declarations. We are fed up with all those declarations, promises. ~ Ariel Sharon

One way to define spiritual life is getting so tired and fed up with yourself you go on to something better, which is following Jesus. ~ Eugene H. Peterson

We ain’t meant to survive, ’cause it’s set up, And even though you’re fed up, Huh, ya got to keep your head up. ~ Tupac Shakur

I just got so fed up with the bad vibes. I didn’t care if it was the Beatles; I was getting out. ~ George Harrison

The brunette phase just came about because I was fed up with this ‘Blonde Angel Image’. The rebel in me demanded a new colour. ~ Magdalena Neuner

 Historically, Alaska is a place that has attracted those fed up with conventionality.~  Bill O’Reilly

 I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in. ~ George McGovern

To be honest with you, I get a little fed up with actors who act crazy to make themselves more interesting. ~ George Eads

The people are fed up with the political class.~  Carly Fiorina

The only time I ever really consider retiring is when I get fed up with the press. Which is often.~ Marianne Faithfull

The first time I cut all my hair off was when I was 19. I just got fed up going to the salon every week. I’d had enough! On a whim, it was off. It’s low-maintenance.~ Lupita Nyong’o

The American record company Geffen got so fed up with me that they said they weren’t going to release my fourth record unless I gave it some title. So it was called ‘Security’ in America, and it had no title everywhere else in the world.~  Peter Gabriel

I get so fed up with the making of an album taking over my life – it’s all I can think about or talk about. You find yourself in a rut and lacking inspiration and it’s hard to get out of that because I’m working alone in the studio.~ Imogen Heap

They’re naughty, all those writers – they mess around with people. I know James Gandolfini got a bit fed up on ‘The Sopranos’: if he said anything in front of a writer, told them a story from his life, it could make its way into the script.~ Kelly Macdonald

Honestly, sometimes I get really fed up of my subconscious – it’s like it’s got a mind of its own. ~ Alexei Sayle

I like to joke that I probably hold the world record for rejection letters. Yes, the truth is that I was fed up of being rejected repeatedly, and self-publication was an act of defiance at traditional publishing. But life works in strange ways.~ Ashwin Sanghi

 Brexit was not a coup. Far from it. In the eyes of most analysts, it was a clear sign that people are frustrated and fed up with the status quo; this is particularly the case with independent voters. ~ Fabrizio Moreira

I’m fed up with the idiots… the ever-widening gap between people who know how to make movies and the people who green-light the movies. ~ Sean Connery

I’m fed up with being bossed around. ~ David Hockney

I am fed up with a system which busts the pot smoker and lets the big dope racketeer go free. ~ George McGovern

I got fed up of listening to bollocks. ~ Jeremy Paxman

I’m not at all fed up with British films, but I am fed up with playing upper-class people. ~ Kristin Scott Thomas

Would I have voted to leave the European Union? Yes, I would. My theory there is that Britain was fed up having won two World Wars against the Germans and had reached the boiling and breaking point of being told where to live and what to do by a bunch of bureaucrats in Belgium. It was out of that frustration that the vote to leave was made.~ Robin Leach

I understand why so many Americans are fed up with government. The 112th Congress was almost universally derided as the worst ever. It was the most polarized body since the end of Reconstruction, according to one study, and I grew embarrassed by its partisan bickering, inactivity, and refusal to address the vital challenges facing America.~ Olympia Snowe

I also get fed up with the fact that casting agents and directors have this impression of me as being frail and petite. I find it very patronizing. I’m quite beefy and strong. I was a gymnast in school and I have lots of muscles. ~ Helena Bonham Carter

I went through two pretty dark years being fed up with the system and frustrated with my own party after two disastrous elections in 2006 and 2008. ~ Jim DeMint

Our citizens are tired of big government raising their taxes and cooking up new ways to micromanage their lives, our citizens are tired of the big government killing jobs with their do-gooder policies. In short, the people are Fed Up! ~ Rick Perry

 I got fed up with academia and decided I would rather be a carpenter.~ Geoffrey Hinton

I got to the point where I was fed up with so many people telling me how and who I was supposed to be. ~ Estelle

We were so fed up with how we had to be the stereotypical girl who looks perfect in the music video: she’s coming out of the water in a bikini with her long tan legs. Not all of us are that girl. ~ Maddie Marlow


I got fed up with the human race, really. I got a very negative feeling about human potentials. And for a while, I thought I might write a book without any human beings in it whatsoever.~ Michel Faber

It’s hard to legislate what people eat. People are getting fed up with being told what they can and can’t do. It boils down to personal responsibility. People need to read labels, do their research and act accordingly. ~ Tom Douglas

There were always questions about my parents; I got so fed up with that. ~ Charlotte Gainsbourg

If journalists ask you again and again about the same bands, you’ll end up saying you hate them just because you’re so fed up with being asked all those stupid questions. ~ Billie Joe Armstrong

Weeks go by, and I don’t paint until finally, I can’t stand it any longer. I get fed up. I almost don’t want to talk about it, because I don’t want to become self-conscious about it, but perhaps I create these little crises as a kind of a secret strategy to push myself.~ Gerhard Richter

The truth is Floridians and Montanans have more in common than you might think. Both are fed up with partisan gridlock in D.C., and look to their state leaders to find common ground, pursue compromise, and move forward solutions that improve the health of their economy, their communities and their residents. ~ Steve Bullock

The people of Alabama are fed up. They are tired of politicians who lie to them, and they are sick of elected officials who’ve been in Washington so long they’ve forgotten why they ran in the first place. ~ Luther Strange

I think at some point there may be artists who will get fed up, and they deliberately want to use their art as a means to rock the waves a little bit. And instead of doing the status quo, they’ll deliberately go out to really make a change. I think Kendrick Lamar is an example of that. ~Ali Shaheed Muhammad



It wasn’t until I started to do ‘Poison River’ that the readership started falling. ‘Poison River’ started out very slowly and simply, but then it got really dense and complicated. I don’t know, I think the readers just got fed up or burned out. They started dropping off. ~ Gilbert Hernandez

Rock helps me communicate directly with the people because rock doesn’t lie, and people are fed up with lying politicians. ~ Amado Boudou

I was very restless. I really wanted to be a part of a kind of a progressive society. I was fed up with these Communist doctrines and you were hassled all the time with members of the Party committee who were KGB, what you have to do, wherein the West you can go or not go. ~ Mikhail Baryshnikov

I get quite fed up being on a film set day after day, six days a week. It can get to be a grind. ~ Josh Hartnett

The cutthroat avenues of rock ‘n’ roll, I am fed up with. I don’t want anything to do with it. ~Neil Young

Many, many years ago, I stood on the stage and told bad jokes and did Sophie Tucker as an impersonation, and nobody looked up; and suddenly, I looked down and said, ‘Sir, I’m getting fed up with you. Either you watch, or I’m going to suck your neck,’ or words to that effect, and suddenly people started to laugh.~ Don Rickles

I hate nightclubs, and I get fed up very quickly in crowded rooms. I enjoy being around people I know. ~ Hozier

 I got completely fed up with that Hollywood blockbuster mentality. I couldn’t take it seriously any longer. ~ Patrick Swayze

A lot of people have been overexposed. Where people are fed up. I pray that that never happens with me. ~ Michael Jackson

 People are fed up with the way things are. There is a lot of bitterness out there, a lot of anger about a lack of jobs and concerns for the next generation. ~ Gary Lineker

When I initially moved to the city, I had to stay in hotels for almost two years. I was fed up of that life, and it was then that I decided that I wanted a home in the city, so I shifted base permanently. ~ Rakul Preet Singh

I raced supremely well. I felt I was as well fitted to do it as I had ever been, and as perhaps I might ever be. I went climbing three weeks before because I was feeling fed up with running. ~ Roger Bannister

I myself am sometimes fed up with Hatta’s policies. Hatta and I sometimes bug each other, but omitting Hatta from the Proclamation Text… that is the action of a coward! ~ Sukarno

The people are fed up with their elected officials playing the blame game and treating their political counterparts as enemies. ~ Carl Lewis

I get fed up with plots that are driven by someone constantly getting information on a computer. ~ Liam Neeson

I was the guy who makes you scrub the latrine, the guy who makes you make your bed, the guy who screams at you for being late to work. The job requires you to be a mean, tough person. And I was fed up with it. I promised myself that if I ever got away from it, it wasn’t going to be that way any more. ~ Bob Ross

I left school at sixteen – I was fed up and restless. The only thing that interested me at school was English language and literature, but I didn’t have Latin, and so couldn’t go on to university. So I went to a few drama schools, not studying seriously; I was mostly in love at the time and tied up with that. ~ Harold Pinter

I got too fed up with films that didn’t make you think. I liked the idea of one that you’d have to be dancing around with. I like my mind to be engaged when I watch a film. ~ Guy Ritchie

‘Old Town Road’ came after a period of feeling like I was out of options. I was living with my sister. She was pretty much fed up with me being there. ~ Lil Nas X

Americans are fed up with how things are going in the country right now. They see more job losses, rising debt and plummeting home sales. They feel let down by a government that passes one 2,000-page, trillion-dollar law after another instead of focusing on addressing the problems Americans worry about every day. ~ Phil Gingrey

People were fed up with reality shows about midgets getting married and weird Jerry Springer talk shows. There had been a real dry spell of intelligent family-oriented viewing: the type of program that Mom, Dad and the kids can all watch together. With ‘Lost,’ there are just so many characters for people to invest in. ~ Evangeline Lilly

I think people are justifiably fed up of hearing migration talked about at the E.U. level but not seeing anything happen in practice. ~ Sebastian Kurz

Most people are fed up to the back teeth with the never-ending wrangle over Brexit. All they want is for a competent government to get on with it and deliver a great deal for everyone in the U.K. ~ Anna Soubry

I’ve done enough for a while and people get fed up of seeing you, but apart from that, although I’m young, I need a bit of rest. You could say I have become a house husband. It’s not a new man thing, it’s just largely a boring man who doesn’t mind staying in the house thing. ~ James McAvoy

I remember being 18 and being fed up with everything – fed up with society, fed up with the political system, fed up with myself – and then you kind of go, ‘Actually, this voting thing is amazing,’ because you have a chance to change it, right? ~ Cillian Murphy

 I think people in Botswana are pleased that my books paint a positive picture of their lives and portray the country as being very special. They’ve made a great success of their country, and the people are fed up with the constant reporting of only the problems and poverty of the continent. They welcome something which puts the positive side. ~ Alexander McCall Smith

I saw ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’ I liked it. I saw ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ and I could see why young girls like it. But it dropped off like crazy in the second weekend. I liked ‘Fed Up’ – I love documentaries. I go to a lot of documentaries. ~ Rob Reiner

The thing about innovation is, where do you stop? There are movements across the world where people are asking restaurateurs to bring back the regular plate. So, yes, we are fed up of drinking out of shoes and eating out of hats.~ Ranveer Brar

 I’m moving to a point that I’m fed up with the N.C.A.A. dictation. ~ Brian Bosworth

I am utterly fed up with the respect we have been brainwashed into bestowing upon religion.~ Richard Dawkins

People are fed up with the career politicians who created this mess or failed to prevent it and neither was acceptable, and the only way we could change that was by sending a different type of person to Washington. ~ Ted Yoho

I just think people are fed up with people who are career politicians who don’t stand for anything. ~ Carlos Beruff

I didn’t want to be on the losing side. I was fed up with Jewish weakness, timidity and fear. I didn’t want any more Jewish sentimentality and Jewish suffering. I was sickened by our sad songs. ~ Lionel Blue

To those portions of the electorate fed up with politics, as usual, Mr Trump’s willingness to say just about anything and to improvise as he goes seems more refreshing and trustworthy than disqualifying. ~ Anand Giridharadas

People are fed up with something when it becomes more and more popular. ~ Jean Paul Gaultier

People are fed up with the various camps, they want to unite. ~ Naftali Bennett

 I just get so fed up with seeing the same things written about me. If I see the words ‘ice queen’ attached to me, I feel like banging my head against the wall. There’s this perception that I can only be in a film if I have a glass of champagne in my hand and a stately home in the background. ~ Kristin Scott Thomas

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The only time I ever really consider retiring is when I get fed up with the press. Which is often. ~ Marianne

People are fed up of formula films, and we are getting new space to experiment. ~ Rishi Kapoor

In the ’90s action pictures were all the rage. As a woman, I was fed up with them and I initially thought that the script was just another action film dressed up as a period piece.~ Madeleine Stowe

 Occasionally I get fed up, going to visit a factory, when I am being shown around by the chairman, who clearly hasn’t got a clue, and I try to get hold of the factory manager, but I can’t because the chairman wants to make sure he’s the one in all the photographs. ~ Prince Philip

I believe the people of Arizona and the people of America are fed up with the federal government. The bottom line is, is that they need to secure our borders. And in regards to Senate Bill 1070, what a disappointment! It hasn’t been divisive; it has united Arizona! It has united America! ~ Jan Brewer

Every university in America teaches ‘Clockwork Orange.’ I get fed up with it. ~ Malcolm McDowell

After writing for TV for a while, I got sort of fed up with all of the cancellations and the volatility in that industry. Also, you’re always writing for someone else’s character and story, and I really wanted to develop my own. ~ Kristin Gore

Washington politicians should not be treated any differently than any other American. That’s what people are fed up with. ~ Jason T. Smith

The hard part that I didn’t like about recruiting in college was, there were so many regulations. So many rules. It was so many layers to it in the recruiting that I just got fed up with it. ~ David Fizdale

The Gaza leadership is stuck in its rhetoric of revolution and resistance. But the people are fed up with their leadership.~ Isaac Herzog

And, in some ways, I like travelling, in other ways I’m sort of fed up by the whole notion. ~ Joe Sacco

You get fed up watching shows with not much care and love, reality programmes where they put people in a house for a fortnight and film them doing everything, or where participants arrive after lunch and do the programme at six. ~ Ronnie Corbett

When you’re a kid with artistic yearnings brought up in the Bronx, you don’t get fed up too easily. ~ Daniel Libeskind

Honestly, sometimes I get really fed up of my subconscious – it’s like it’s got a mind of its own. ~ Alexei Sayle

People are fed up with the politics where candidates just rip each other apart and then the voters lose in the end because no one really knows what anybody stands for.~ Dennis Kucinich

 I have to have everything. I have to have iPads. I’ve had I think every generation of iPod. I’ve had all the consoles at least once; I’ve had some of them twice. I get them and get fed up with them and get rid of them. ~ Kristian Nairn

People acquire a dog, don’t understand it, can’t train it, get fed up, and… offer it for adoption, hoping to pass on the problem to somebody else. But nobody wants a problem dog. ~ Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

People are fed up with broadcasters pushing the boundaries too far. ~ Tim Pigott-Smith

I’m personally fed up with people seeing women and girls cast as victims.~ Jane Goldman

 I’ve always looked at famous actors and hope that once they get a part that they have success in, they would reprise it every few years in the way a pop singer will reprise their hits. Like Bob Dylan singing ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ until he’s fed up with it, finding different ways of doing it. ~ Mark Rylance

The Pentagon got fed up with its recruits getting ripped off by payday lenders and in 2007 got Congress to make it illegal to extend such loans to members of the military. But civilians remain fair game. ~ Timothy Noah 

I’m fed up with democracy. In a democracy, people vote for the mayors. I wanted to build a city where I will choose the citizens. ~ Emir Kusturica

We are fed up with complaints that Mexico is stealing jobs from U.S. manufacturing. We are part of the solution that has maintained competitiveness for the U.S. versus China. ~ Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal

We here in Egypt are fed up with U.S. colonialism. ~ Nawal El Saadawi

I was fed up with being just plain Jane. ~ Jayne Meadows

Americans are fed up with these mandatory census surveys, and they’re asking us to stop the harassment. ~ Jeff Duncan

Stop Us Harassment Up Obama’s gift for delivering set-piece oratorical tours de force had special resonance to Americans fed up with a president who could hardly string two words together without a collision of syntax and whose idea of clever was the single entendre. ~ Tina Brown

I’m very intolerant and I get fed up with people easily. ~ Gary Numan

 We have more and more rules coming out of Europe telling us what to do, and I think people are getting a bit fed up with it. This was supposed to be a common market. I don’t remember them ever saying we would be governed by Brussels and become a satellite of Europe. ~ David Jason

I just got fed up with the Protestantism that I’d been brought up with being rubbed out, disregarded. There’s an awful lot of frailty and doubt about it, which I understand and share, but there are certain things you just have to acknowledge. ~ Melvyn Bragg

 I’m very bad at violence in real life. I can’t stand it. And I’m so fed up with crime novels that have too much violence. I can’t really do it. It’s unnecessary. ~ David Lagercrantz

People ask me all the time, ‘Are you fed up with reality TV?’ At the end of the day, it can affect my career in the sense that the more reality shows there are, the less scripted dramas out there, but I can’t ever really knock them. I started on ‘Popstars,’ which was a reality talent show. I have respect for them. ~ Josh Henderson

 I just started to write because I was fed up of not seeing the stories that I wanted, so I was like ‘Stop moaning and write something.’ ~ Noel Clarke

A lot of what you have seen with third-party groups – like the Tea Party – these folks are conservative, and they are fed up with people in Washington who are not working for them but against them. ~ Tim Griffin

Well, probably I was fed up with concrete poetry. There was a lot of bad concrete poetry and besides, it was confused with visual poetry which was completely different. ~ Ian Hamilton Finlay

Why should I ever get fed up talking about my father? He was a brilliant, colorful man who left us with thousands of memories. Most people remember his films, but I’ve got anecdotes and advice and episodes of real life tucked away inside my head. ~ Danny Huston

We only see female protagonists who are likeable, with one cute flaw, such as adorable clumsiness. I’m fed up with it. ~ Catherine Reitman

I think there is no future whatsoever in 3D. It does nothing to the grammar and syntax or vocabulary of cinema. And you get fed up with it in exactly 3 minutes. ~ Peter Greenaway

 I know that a ridiculous number of classic serials have been commissioned and that reviews show a reaction against them. The critics seem fed up. ~ Andrew Davies

 I am fed up with career politicians. I am tired of going into the voting booth and holding my nose to pick the least worst candidate on the ballot. ~ Todd Wilcox

 People are fed up of career politicians that keep changing like chameleons.~ Todd Wilcox

 I am fed up with men who use sex like a sleeping pill. ~ Toni Braxton

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People didn’t suddenly wake up one morning and unanimously say ‘I’m fed up with midbudget dramas. I’m only going to see action tent poles from now on!’ ~ Alison Owen

I got fed up with being in bands. I spent a couple of years touring the country in a smoked filled band, doing lots of drugs and being really unhealthy. ~ Cliff Martinez

I was fed up with not being able to play a movie the way I wanted to play it.~ Jon Johansen

 I aspire to be the president of all Venezuelans. The message is clear. Venezuelans are fed up with confrontation, with division. ~ Henrique Capriles Radonski

I’m really fed up with all the credibility talk. A lot of times it seems to be more important than the music. Well, I guess for a lot of people it actually is. We don’t care for credibility. ~ Mark McGrath

 It’s weird, man. I’ve had a weird life, and I don’t want to end up on the dole. I’m fed up with the plumbing. And I think it would be good to be a little pop star again. ~ Brian Harvey

Like you, I’m fed up with business as usual in Washington. Send me to Congress, and I won’t tweak our broken system. I’ll shut it down. ~ Francine Busby

Well, I think women across Australia, particularly, are a bit fed up with this constant attack and belittling of women in politics, and particularly the role of a female as a prime minister. ~ Christine Milne

As you go along, you literally collect places. I’m fed up with going to places; I shan’t go to anymore. ~ Bruce Chatwin

He was fed up with people starving.~ Alton Swann

I was fed up with the situation I found myself in in the 1960s. I didn’t like being a barrister’s wife and going out to dinner with other professional people and dealing with middle class life. It seemed claustrophobic. ~ Caryl Churchill

After a decade I became fed up with the strobe because I had done almost everything once and I didn’t want to repeat myself. ~ Gjon Mili

You never get fed up scoring goals. ~ Alan Shearer

Whenever you are fed up with life, start writing: ink is the great cure for all human ills, as I have found out long ago. ~ C. S. Lewis