Islamic SMS Message in English

If you’re on the lookout for quick Islamic SMS message (msg) to send your family, friends or loved ones or share in your social media profile, then you’re at the right place. Right here We’ve got collected some Islamic SMS message in English which short as text message size. You can use SMS textual content to send as SMS to your mates, family member and different believers to remind them about Allah and Islam and their creator.

Change yourself to please Allah but not to please the people.

Follow Islam and speak the truth, life will become great.

If you want to be strong then become a strong believer and depend on Allah.

Do good deeds to please Allah but not the people.

Allah wants to forgive us, We need to repent often and ask Allah to forgive us.

By Just dreaming (desiring) for Jannah, you will not get Jannah, You need to work for it. Obey Allah and Follow the Quran and Sunnah.

Fear Allah wherever you are. Allah is one who knows what is in every heart.

Put your trust in Allah. He is one who can improve your condition to make it better.

Know that Only Allah can bring peace and happiness to a nervous and tired heart.

The cure of the soul is in obedience to Allah.

Don’t grieve nor be sad but put trust in Allah. If you obey Allah and put trust in Allah then He (Allah) will replace your loss with something better.

Islam brings peace in the life of the people who truly practice it.

Shaytan wants to stop you from doing good deeds. Kick him away by praying salat and remembering Allah.

Allah gave us this life to take a test. If we are a success in the test of Allah then our life of this Dunya will be a success. We need to Obey Allah and make our life of this Dunya success.

If Allah wants to forgive us, believers, then why we don’t want to forgive our fellow believers?”  Repent forgiving your fellow Muslims so that Allah can forgive you.

Sacrifice your desires for the sake of Allah and lower your gaze. Obey Allah and don’t get involved in sinful acts.

May Allah make us among those offer prayers timely and do good deeds in the hope of rewards from Allah.

Learn the message of Quran and Sunnah and work according to it.

Learn the Quran and Sunnah and no purpose of your life.

Love Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), His family and his companions and follow the Quran and Sunnah.

Refuse Shirk and innovation and be firm on the teaching of Quran and Sunnah.

Remember Allah and worship none except Allah.

Note that the pain of your heart can be healed only by the mercy of Allah. So remember Allah and seek his mercy.

Maintain your Imaan strong and increase yourself in Taqwa.

Islam teaches Muslims to be united and support each other like bricks in one wall.

May Allah make us those who fear Allah and often repent.

May Allah make us righteous and bless us in every breath we take.

Riyakari (Show off) does destruction of our deeds so we need to save ourselves from Show off.

If you truly believe in Allah, obey Him and rely on him then Allah will never let you down.

Whatever goodness in me is and you praise me for it. It is because of Islam.

I am trying my best to surrender to the will of Allah, May Allah Almighty help me and guide me and give me success.

If you want peace in your life then follow righteous life and stop committing sins, jealousy and hate. You will be happier.

If you obey Allah then your heart will find peace and happiness but if you obey Dunya then your heart will find sadness.

Be kind to mankind and all livings and help oppressed and needy people

May Allah show mercy upon us believers and open all the doors of goodness for us.

Never forward non-Islamic SMS message which is not endorsed by the Quran and Sunnah.

When we believers repair our Imaan to become more closer to Allah, Then Allah who is most merciful repairs everything else for us, believers.

Peace comes in the heart with the remembrance of Allah.

Don’t lose hope nor be sad, remain united. Worship to only Allah.

Keep going mosque to offer prayers there timely, your faith will get stronger. In Sha Allah.

Don’t be afraid nor feel threated, Allah is with you.

Start a new day with hope, patience and trust in Allah. Allah helps those who put their trust in Allah.

If someone continuously reminding you of Allah then know that his/her love for you is true.

Without Allah We are nothing. We surrender to the will of Allah.

May Allah guide us and forgive us for hurting other ones knowingly or unknowingly.

Never forward SMS message which spreads shirk or Bidda (Innovation) or racism.

Never forward communal SMS message(s) that creates animosity/ hostility among two groups of the community.

Never forward SMS message which spreads propaganda or lies.

Don’t forward SMS message to unknown people.

Never create or forward fabricated hadith, forward-only authentic hadith. You can get authentic hadiths from Sahih hadith.

May Allah’s guidance and blessings be upon the whole Muslim Ummah and bless us with a true understanding of the Quran and Sunnah.

Quran takes us out of the darkness and puts us into the light so don’t forget to read the Quran.

Allah’s plans are better than our dreams.

Fear Allah Almighty and follow the path of truth.

Send blessings on the Messenger of Allah, (Peace Be Upon Him) and seek forgiveness from Allah.

Obey Allah and don’t make a mockery of righteous people but support them and keep yourself away from hypocrites.

Be grateful and thank Allah by saying ‘Alhamdulillah’ for each and every trials and hardship that brought you closer to Allah.

Allah is most merciful and forgiving. May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive us of our sins and all kind of bad deeds.

May Allah accept our dua, forgive us and make us wise in doing good deeds and our daily works.

Don’t obey the world but obey Allah who is one and is maintained and the Sustainer of the whole universe. Take blessings and guidance of Allah by obeying him.

May Allah accept our dua and cleanse our hearts and remove from us all the things that are in conflict with the truth.

Islam is perfect we are not so Islam doesn’t need reforms but we need to reform ourselves.

Don’t be Muslim by just name but be Muslim by practising Islam.

If you are blessed with Islam then never feel worthless. If you have Islam then you have everything.

Invite people to Islam even without words, by just your behaviour of kindness and good deeds.

Don’t tell people that you are Muslims but let people automatically know that you are a Muslim by your behaviour kindness, good deeds and righteous life.

The worst kind of blindness is when one is straying from the true path even after receiving true guidance.

Follow the teaching of Quran and Sunnah and be a friend of righteous people.

Surely it is not the eyes that are blind but the heart is. May Allah guide us to the straight path and save us from the blindness of our hearts.

Stop trying to reform others until you reform yourself first.

I appreciative Allah for giving birth to me as Muslim and blessing with Islam.

Islam is the most beautiful and perfect religion. Islam teaches us peace and the truth.

Be righteous and prevent your nafs (soul) from evil desires.

Doing worry will not bring anything to change your situation but making Dua, remembrance of Allah, giving charity, offering Salah & Istighfar(Seeking forgiveness from Allah) surely can change your situation.

May Allah increase us in Islamic knowledge and make us the obedient servant of him.

Allah is one. No one is worth to worship except Allah.

O Believers, Fear Allah and face the hardships in your life with Sabr (Patience) and be an obedient servant of Allah.

If you are practising Islamic faith (Islam religion) then it is a sign that Allah loves you.

Don’t commit sins and Fear Allah. Allah is all-hearing, All-seeing and All-knowing.

If your dream is Jannah then follow the Quran and Sunnah.

We need to encourage mankind to study Quran and Sunnah to know about Islam and to know about the truth.

It is never too late to turn to Allah. Leave shirk and biddah and turn to Allah.

O Muslims, Fear Allah and don’t deal with riba (usury) or interest.

O Muslims, Fear Allah and be not divided.

O Muslims, Obey Allah and Fear Allah and don’t backbite.

If you have Islam then you have everything.

May Allah guide us to the right path and forgive our sins and shortcomings.

Forgive and forget people and keep having sabr.

Islam teaches us justice, truth, progress, forgiveness, mercy, tolerance, kindness, humanity and gives dignity to all the believers.

Biggest richness is the richness of Imaan so strengthen your Imaan.

Speak and support the truth even truth kills you.

A Muslim should always be ready to help other Muslims at the time of need and shall never leave helpless.

Verify news, message before you spread.

Islam is the biggest wealth for believers. Without Islam, we will get lost.

May Allah give us sabr and let us die as Muslim.

Islam teaches us the truth and helps us in promoting peace and humanity.

Forgive the people and avoid revenge.

Show mercy and kindness on the people. Allah will show mercy and kindness on you.

Spread the message of Quran and Sunnah and earn reward from Allah.

Obey Allah and Keep having sabr (patience). Allah is with you when sabr is in you.”

Remember Allah. Allah will remember you.

Don’t worry if you have got a problem(s), Obey & remember Allah. Allah will help you and remove your problems.

Obey and Remember Allah wherever you are.

O Muslims, Obey and Fear Allah wherever you are.

Love for your brothers/sisters what you love for yourself.

Don’t be excessive laughing.

Don’t be excessive in criticizing.

Don’t betray the one who betrays you but forgives, help and guides him/her.

Cheer the people up and spread the smile.

Don’t do wrong to the ones who do wrong to you but guide and forgive the ones who do wrong to you.

Remember death. No matter how beautiful/handsome or rich you are. You shall still die and everything will be left in the world.

The good believer is one who is best in attitude.

Speak the truth and avoid bad company.

Do good deeds and fear Allah. Allah will help you.

Control your tongue and speak good.

Help and protection come from Allah. If Allah is with you then no one can harm you.

Read the Quran, There is healing and mercy for the believers.

Avoid sin but whenever you commit a sin, say “Astaghfirullah (I ask Allah for forgiveness).

Allah is sufficient for believers.

Don’t be sad nor grieve. Allah is with us.

I tell my grief to Allah.

May Allah forgive us and guide us all to the right path.

If you keen to correct others then don’t forget yourself. First, correct yourself after that others.

Repent and seek forgiveness from Allah. Allah forgives all sins.

The fragrance of perfume does not enough to try to bring Fragrance with your good deeds.

You can even help your disbeliever friend by praying Allah to guide him/her to the right path and bless him/her with Islam.

Bad company/friend encourages us to do bad deeds while a good company/friend encourages us to do good deeds be careful choosing a friend/company. Bad deeds lead ones hell while good deeds lead you to paradise so be wise do friendship with good people only and avoid bad.

True friends are those who encourage us to do good deeds and remind us about the greatness of Allah. May Allah provide true friends to believers.

Don’t speak lie but speak the truth. Harm to none, help to everyone.

Some times people are cheating by their sweat talks but not helping you so look at their intentions.

Don’t condemn the things about which you know nothing. First, know about the things after that you express your stands.

If you want that Allah loves you then obey Allah.

Help others and don’t cause the problem.

Obey Allah and Allah will reward you.

May Allah improve your health and provide a fast recovery.

May Allah remove your worries and hardship.

May Allah remove your pain and sufferings.

May Allah bless you along with righteous life.

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