Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life

Asalaam Alaikum. At the moment, it is an exciting day for me. As a result of lastly, I’m posting some inspirational and delightful Islamic quotes about life with photos. Oh… Readers have to be considering what’s the level to be enthusiastic about Islamic quotes. Nicely, at any time when I’m unhappy, joyful, depressed, confused, or dealing with any downside. As a being Muslim, I attempt to discover the answer spiritually, and generally, I seek for Islamic quotes photographs additionally, for my present state of affairs or downside. All these Islamic life quotes easily enhance my Imaan and Conjure up me to face the state of affairs fairly than Facebooking them.

Islamic Quotes

I lead no party; I follow no leader. I have given the best part of my life to careful study of Islam, its law and polity, its culture, its history, and its literature. -Muhammad Iqbal

Allah says in the Qur’an not to despise one another. So the criterion in Islam is not color or social status. It’s who is most righteous. If I go to a mosque – and I’m a basketball player with money and prestige – if I go to a mosque and see an imam, I feel inferior. He’s better than me. It’s about knowledge. -Hakeem Olajuwon

If you’re someone who doesn’t have Muslim friends, and your only experience of Islam is what you see on the news – the angry man with a beard doing or saying something terrible – then you may inadvertently associate that with Islam and think that is what it’s all about. -Sadiq Khan

The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace.’ The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who surrenders to God.’ But the press makes us seem like haters. -Muhammad Ali

Islam is a religion. It is not an ideology. For a Muslim, there is no such thing as to be against modernity. Why should a Muslim not be a modern person? I, as a Muslim, fulfill all the requirements of my religion, and I live in a democratic, social state. -Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace, and not violence. -Pervez Musharraf

America needs to understand Islam because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, even eaten with people who in America would have been considered ‘white,’ but the ‘white’ attitude had been removed from their minds by the religion of Islam.- Malcolm X

America’s freedom of religion and freedom from religion offers every wisdom tradition an opportunity to address our soul-deep needs: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, secular humanism, agnosticism and atheism among others. – Parker Palmer

I saw Islam as the correct way to live, and I chose to try to live that way. – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Islam does not believe in democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or freedom of assembly. It does not separate religion and politics. It is partly a religion, but it is much more than that. It has a political agenda that goes far outside the realm of religion.-  Pauline Hanson

Jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community. – John O. Brennan

Islam is a way of living rather than a way of thinking. – Alija Izetbegovic

Islam does not believe in democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or freedom of assembly. It does not separate religion and politics. It is partly a religion, but it is much more than that. It has a political agenda that goes far outside the realm of religion.- Pauline Hanson

Islam is perfect, there is nothing to be added or changed.- Abu Bakar Bashir

If the Islamic world is so suffused with rage and hatred of us – for our wars, occupations, drone attacks, support of Israel, decadent culture, and tolerance of insults to Islam and the Prophet – why should we call for free elections, when the people will use those elections to vote into power rulers hostile to the United States? -Pat Buchanan

Islam’s main focus was teaching black pride and self-awareness. Why should we keep trying to force ourselves into white restaurants and schools when white people didn’t want us? Why not clean up our own neighborhoods and schools instead of trying to move out of them and into white people’s neighborhoods? – Muhammad Ali

People Black Pride Focus I can’t talk about Christianity if I don’t know it. You can’t talk about Muslims or Islam if you don’t know it. -Ghostface Killah

Had Elijah Muhammad tried to introduce an orthodox form of Arab-oriented Islam, I doubt if he would have attracted 500 people, but he introduced a form of Islam that would communicate with the people he had to deal with. He was the king to those who had no king, and he was the Messiah to those some people thought unworthy of a messiah.-  John Henrik Clarke

Traditional Islam is a mixture of all obedience to Allah,

and if that requires militancy, so be it. – Deepak Chopra

Islam means peace. -Malala Yousafzai

I think Islam has been hijacked by the idea that all Muslims are terrorists; that Islam is about hate, about war, about jihad – I think that hijacks the spirituality and beauty that exists within Islam. I believe in allowing Islam to be seen in context and in its entirety and being judged on what it really is, not what you think it is.- Aasif Mandvi

Indonesia is the world’s third-largest democracy. And we also have the world’s largest Muslim population. This demonstrates that democracy and Islam are not incompatible. Terrorism is not associated with any religion. -Joko Widodo

 I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.- Barack Obama

Compassion is the key in Islam and Buddhism and Judaism and Christianity. They are profoundly similar. -Karen Armstrong

4Shbab has been dubbed Islamic MTV. Its creator, who is an Egyptian TV producer called Ahmed Abu Haiba, wants young people to be inspired by Islam to lead better lives. He reckons the best way to get that message across is to use the enormously popular medium of music videos. 4Shbab was set up as an alternative to existing Arab music channels. -Shereen El Feki

We must not be afraid to define our enemy. It is Islamic extremist terrorism. I did not say all of Islam. I said Islamic extremist terrorism. Failing to identify them properly maligns decent Muslims around the world. It also sets up a fear of being politically incorrect that can have serious consequences. And it has. -Rudy Giuliani

The name Muhammad is the most common name in the world. In all the countries around the world – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon – there are more Muhammads than anything else. When I joined the Nation of Islam and became a Muslim, they gave me the most famous name because I was the champ.- Muhammad Ali

I am ready to sacrifice everything in completing the unfinished agenda of our noble jihad… until there is no bloodshed in Afghanistan and Islam becomes a way of life for our people. -Mohammed Omar

Ever since the Crusades, when Christians from western Europe were fighting holy wars against Muslims in the near east, western people have often perceived Islam as a violent and intolerant faith – even though when this prejudice took root Islam had a better record of tolerance than Christianity. -Karen Armstrong

Islam is itself destiny and will not suffer destiny.- Muhammad Iqbal

The Arab spring confirmed that peaceful change is possible and so reinforced the vision of political Islam. The impact of this went beyond the Brotherhood to include the Salafist tendency in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya that had questioned the democratic path.- Wadah Khanfar

In a World where people are surrounded by darkness, ignorance and fear, it is a sign of hope to be celebrating Islam’s message of peace and light, and the last great Messenger, born and chosen to deliver them to all mankind.- Cat Stevens

Muslims know that Islam clashes with Western Civilization. They make no bones about choosing Islam over their new home country, like the Syrians in Germany, or the Somali at Ohio State University. They are very open and honest on polls because they know they have nothing to fear from the governments that welcomed them with open arms. -Milo Yiannopoulos

Come forward as servants of Islam, organise the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, I Am You People Power The hajj is one of the five essential practices of Islam; when they make the pilgrimage to Mecca, Muslims ritually act out the central principles of their faith. -Karen Armstrong

While the West tries to turn its citizens into cultural variety hour, Islam tries to turn Muslim lands into a cultural monolith. The same West that justifies the rap culture thinks that every Muslim terrorist bombing is an expression of economic angst or social alienation. -Ben Shapiro

The major religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, they deny somehow that God has a feminine face. However, if you go to the holy texts, you see there is this feminine presence.- Paulo Coelho

Islam expects every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious past. -Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Some Libertarians argue that Western occupation fans the flames of radical Islam; I agree. But I don’t agree that absent Western occupation, that radical Islam ‘goes quietly into that good night.’ – Rand Paul

The interesting part of my spiritual life is studying as much as you can. Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism and Shamanism and Judaism, Christianity – you try to learn what the precepts are, what the religion is, and ultimately, it’s based in the same thought, it’s based in the same outcome, you know. -Goldie Hawn

Islam is unusual in that it’s the only one of the great world religions which were born inside recorded history. That there’s an enormous amount of factual historical record about the life of a prophet and about social conditions in Arabia at that time. So it’s possible to look at the origin of Islam in a scholarly way. -Salman Rushdie

Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. -Zbigniew Brzezinski

I beg Osama to stop warring. He is a Muslim, and Islam means peace. Nobody wins in a war… I wish I were trapped in the problem about Iraq. I knew Saddam enough that I could have talked him into surrendering. But it’s too late. -Imelda Marcos

Our socialism does not include extreme materialistic concepts since Indonesia is primarily a God-fearing, God-loving nation. Our socialism is a mixture. We draw political equality from the American Declaration of Independence. We draw spiritual equality from Islam and Christianity. We draw scientific equality from Marx. -Sukarno

The biological evolutionary perception of life and of human qualities is radically different from that of traditional religion, whether it’s Southern Baptist or Islam or any religion that believes in a supernatural super valance over humanity.- E. O. Wilson

Islam is about finding your own space.- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Islam is a violent, I was going to say religion, but it’s not a religion. It’s a political system. It’s a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world and world domination. That is the ultimate aim. -Pat Robertso

Southeast Asia is an area in which there is a form of Islam which is both devout and progressive, and therefore to be supported. It’s an area in which I see a congruence of American interests and local interests: to have tolerant societies and become more prosperous.- Dennis C. Blair

I come from an African-American family that is predominantly Muslim. I have had to covertly operate in parts of the Middle East and Africa. I’ve lived a Muslim life and prayed in Mosques, Husseiniyahs, and shrines where needed. One must respect Islam to understand Islam. I’ve read the Quran through and through a half dozen times.- Malcolm Nance

Terrorists are not following Islam. Killing people and blowing up people and dropping bombs in places and all this is not the way to spread the word of Islam. So people realize now that all Muslims are not terrorists. – Muhammad Ali

Islam cannot have a significant presence in Australia if we are to live in an open, secular, and cohesive society. We have seen the destruction it is causing around the world. -Pauline Hanson

Islam tells us every girl and boy should be educated. I don’t know why the Taliban have forgotten it. -Malala Yousafzai

For the most part, Islam is about peace. It’s dealing with submission to the highest. Mohammed is a prophet, a messenger. But at the same time, we’ll fight in the name of Allah. We’re not going to let you disrespect our prophet. -Ghostface Killah

There is always a need for intoxication: China has opium, Islam has hashish, the West has woman. – Andre Malraux

The Muslims are, as a group, attacking people because under the Quran, there is the house of Islam, and outside of it, there’s the house of war.- Alex Jones

I’m just hoping that people understand that Islam is peace and not violence. -Muhammad Ali

The philosophical connection between the Islamic world and the West is much closer than I thought. Doubt did not begin with Descartes. We have this construction today that the West and Islam are entirely separate worlds. This is wrong.- Tariq Ramadan

As a result of that, America desires a moderate Islam; an Islam that America can control; an Islam that America can give direction to and give orders to its leaders. -Louis Farrakhan

To give to those in need is a central pillar of Islam.- Antonio Guterres

The United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam.- Barack Obama

The medieval Islamic world, from Central Asia to the shores of the Atlantic, was a world where scholars and men of learning flourished. But because we have tended to see Islam as the enemy of the West, as an alien culture, society, and system of belief, we have tended to ignore or erase its great relevance to our own history. – Prince Charles

We believe women have rights in Islam that they’ve yet to obtain.- Mohammad bin Salman

If all Henry Kissinger contributed to the Middle East were a regional arms race, petrodollar addiction, Iranian radicalization, and the Tehran-Riyadh conflict, it would be bad enough. His legacy, however, is far worse than that: He has to answer for his role in the rise of political Islam. – Greg Grandin

America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings. – Barack Obama

We are not at war against Islam. Barack Obama War Against The role of religions in the domination and destruction of African civilizations was ruthless… Islam was as guilty as all the rest. -John Henrik Clarke

I think race has been a burden for black Americans. Being a Muslim has also been a challenge because so many people do not understand Islam. -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I realize that many elements of Buddhist teaching can be found in Christianity, Judaism, Islam. I think if Buddhism can help, it is the concrete methods of practice. -Thich Nhat Hanh

I did not come into contact with any Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur’an first and realized no person is perfect, Islam is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet… we will be successful.- Cat Stevens

The true Islam has shown me that a blanket indictment of all white people is as wrong as when whites make blanket indictments against blacks.- Malcolm X

In popular culture, there isn’t any other conception of Islam and Muslims other than what you see on the news… When you go to a theme park, you see Muslims riding roller coasters and eating ice cream. Why doesn’t anybody think of those Muslims when they think of Muslims?- Kumail Nanjiani

I like to read about different religions – Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Wesley Snipes Religions Like Different About There are only three integral views of the world: the religious, the materialistic, and the Islamic. They reflect three elemental possibilities (conscience, nature, and man), each of them manifesting itself as Christianity, materialism, and Islam. -Alija Izetbegovic

My choosing Islam was not a political statement; it was a spiritual statement. – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

It seems to me that Islam and Christianity and Judaism all have the same god, and he’s telling them all different things. -Billy Connolly

My mom and my aunties are really devout Christians. My mom married a Muslim when I was 12, so I got teachings from both sides and then other sides because I wanted to find out which way to go. So not only Christianity and Islam, but Confucianism, Shintoism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Judaism. I tried to read everything.- Tech N9ne

The Obama administration has turned a blind eye to radical Islam since before they came to office. If you look at everything that’s transpired since the famous Cairo speech in 2009, it’s all been an embrace of those who are the most radical elements in that part of the world. That is not a good sign for America’s foreign policy. -Oliver North

In the West, anything that must be hidden is suspect; availability and honesty are interlinked. This clashes irreconcilably with Islam, where the things that are most precious, most perfect and most holy are always hidden: the Kaaba, the faces of prophets and angels, a woman’s body, Heaven. -G. Willow Wilson

One of the basic principles when you dealing with mathematics and Islam: Seek knowledge. – Gza

I converted Dec. 31, 1999. It was a Friday. That was my second time going to the mosque. The woman who is my wife now… was basically raised Muslim – and she was at that point where she was deciding or trying to come to terms with her own relationship with Islam and how to embrace that for herself. -Mahershala Ali

We have a toxic ideology, hopefully very small, within Islam; certainly, most people, most Muslims, don’t agree with this violent, jihadist approach. -Jeff Sessions

We claim Islam as Deen or a complete way of life. Pervez Musharraf Life Way Complete Claim We should not judge Islam by terrorists. All civilizations and cultures produce terrorists. Every time there is a flag-burning, killing, or provocative films, I’m worried, not because something radical will happen, and this time, some people are killed. We’re very sorry for that.- Orhan Pamuk

Islam is antiauthoritarian, sex-positive monotheism. -G. Willow Wilson

I’m a good Muslim and I’m only interested in Islam. -Idi Amin

Islam, the third in the historical sequence of the ethical monotheistic religions of the Near East, was very successful in establishing its monotheism but had only very moderate success in spreading its version of Jewish and Christian ethics to the Arabs. -Carroll Quigley

There have been huge Muslim demonstrations against cartoons depicting Muhammad and any other perceived insult against Islam. But I am unaware of a single demonstration of Muslims against Muslim terror directed at non-Muslims. -Dennis Prager

So, this war is against Islam that the West does not control. -Louis Farrakhan

I, therefore, demand the formation of a consolidated Muslim State in the best interest of India and Islam.- Muhammad Iqbal

I can bear my own sorrows, but the sorrows arising from the calamities visiting Islam and Muslims have crushed me. I feel each blow delivered to the Muslim world as delivered first to my own heart.- Said Nursi

Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of submission. Islam means submit. Steve Bannon Peace Religion Submission Submit The extinction of race consciousness as between Muslims is one of the outstanding achievements of Islam, and in the contemporary world, there is, as it happens, a crying need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue.- Arnold J. Toynbee

The God of Islam is not the same God of the Judaeo-Christian faith. The God that we worship in Christianity is a God that has a Son. To Islam, that is blasphemy, to say that God has a son. Therefore, they do not worship the God that we worship.- Franklin Graham

Qoran says whoever believes in God in the last day shall be saved. It is a religion whose very name, Islam, comes from the word Shalom, which means peace. It’s about establishing peace. We greet each other with peace be upon you, which the Jews do in greeting each other. -Feisal Abdul Rauf

The great majority of Americans do not know much about Islam but nonetheless fear it as violent, expansionist and alien to their society. The problem to overcome is not hatred, but ignorance. -Tariq Ramadan

While there are corporal descriptions of what the afterlife is like in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, what’s going on there is the finite trying to describe the infinite. If God knows everything, started everything and is the only one who knows how it’s going to end, how can any human know what God wants? -Keith Ellison

Islam spread by them through force and coercion? No. They preached Islam by personal example.- Pervez Musharraf

Abraham is such a fascinating figure. Three world religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – all claim him as a patriarch. He was raised in a religious home. And yet he rejected religion in order to pursue a personal relationship with God. -Anne Graham

I see no difference between Islam and Islamism. Islam is defined as submission to the will of Allah, as it is described in the Koran. Islamism is just Islam in its most pure form. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Of course, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists or sympathetic to terrorists. Equating all Muslims with terrorism is stupid and wrong. But acknowledging that there is a link between Islam and terror is appropriate and necessary. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I’m not a perfect Muslim; I think none of us is perfect human beings. I do the five pillars of Islam, you know, I pray five times a day. -Sania Mirza

I think religion is very personal. I definitely identify as Muslim. I consider myself practising, but I don’t think people who observe me from the outside would think of me as devout, and that doesn’t bother me because one of the beauties of Islam is the fact that it is personal: you read the Koran, and what you believe is what you believe. -Maysoon Zayid

Abraham is the shared ancestor of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He stands at the heart of these three faiths. And yet you know almost nothing about him. -Bruce Feiler

Educated women armed with computers have defeated extremists by denying them a monopoly to define cultural identity and interpret religious texts. No extremist can say that women are inferior to men without being made a laughingstock on Al Jazeera. Islam insisted on equality between everyone.- Fatema Mernissi

Women Men Equality Computers The rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria has been a disaster for the public image of Islam – and a boon for the Islamophobia industry. -Mehdi Hasan

The United States and Russia probably do not have common aims and dreams, but they have common worries: Both Washington and Moscow are concerned about the rise of China and are threatened by the rise of radical Islam.- Ivan Krastev

The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’… is an umbrella term for a variety of movements: in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam. -James Clapper

I believe we don’t need to widen the divide between the West and Islam. Rather, we need to build dialogue to encourage tolerance and respect. -Shirin Neshat

You notice how liberals keep saying, ‘If only Islam would have a Reformation’ – it can’t have one. It says it can’t. It’s extremely dangerous in that way. -Christopher Hitchens

Probably the one Bible passage that is read by Jews and Roman Catholics, Protestants, Islam, more than any other chapter is Psalm 23. And in Psalm 23 there is a verse that says, ‘Surely, yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.’ -Robert H. Schuller

Every fundamentalist movement I’ve studied in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is convinced at some gut, visceral level that secular liberal society wants to wipe out religion.- Karen Armstrong

However, those who have used those words use half the sentence to fit their purpose, which, of course, I believe is to discredit me and the new Nation of Islam that has come up around me.- Louis Farrakhan

But when I reintroduced the Nation of Islam and began to host meetings in cities and thousands and thousands of people come out. -Louis Farrakhan

The Bush administration does not desire to see Islam practised in its pristine purity. Louis Farrakhan Desire See Purity Administration I think that rather than condemning Islam, Islam needs to be studied by those who are sincere. -Louis Farrakhan

Former president Wulff said Islam belongs to Germany. That is true. I also hold this opinion. -Angela Merkel

I don’t have the sort of temperament that submits to Christianity or Islam. -Wole Soyinka Christianity

The giving of the Quran is in Islam what the incarnation of Christ is to Christianity. If this is so, then Quran-burning is parallel to Christ-crucifying. -John Piper

It’s seen as xenophobic to be worried about Islam, but they appear to disproportionately allow intolerance to blossom in their communities. -Gavin McInnes

I think it’s been hard for people to understand how Islam can be a good religion, and yet the Islamists are evil. Those of us who have had experience with Islam understand this, just as we understand the difference between snake handlers and people going to church on Sunday morning.- P. J. O’Rourke

There’s no way to reconcile Islam with Christianity. This difference of opinion admits of compromise as much as a coin toss does. -Sam Harris

This paranoid Islam, which blames outsider, ‘infidels’, for all the ills of Muslim societies, and whose proposed remedy is the closing of those societies to the rival project of modernity, is presently the fastest growing version of Islam in the world.- Salman Rushdie

Something about the cultural tradition of Jews is way, way more sympathetic to science and learning and intellectual pursuits than Islam. -Richard Dawkins

In Britain, Christianity is dying. Islam, unfortunately, isn’t. Richard Dawkins Dying Christianity Unfortunately I think my love of truth and honesty forces me to notice that the liberal intelligentsia of Western countries is betraying itself where Islam is concerned. -Richard Dawkins

I’ve been to Africa three times. All right? You can’t bring Western reasoning into the culture. The same way you can’t bring it into fundamental Islam. -Bill O’Reilly

I often think that woman is more free in Islam than in Christianity. The woman is more protected by Islam than by the faith which preaches monogamy. In AI Quran the law about the woman is juster and more liberal.- Annie Besant

Muhammadan law in its relation to women is a pattern to European law. Look back to the history of Islam, and you will find that women have often taken leading places – on the throne, in the battle-field, in politics, in literature, poetry, etc. -Annie Besant

History Women You Politics Respecting other people’s cultures is well and good, but I draw the line at where some branches of Islam, what they do to women. It’s indefensible.- Jello Biafra

Terrorism is not related to Islam. -Ghostface Killah

The problem of Islam as a political force is an essential one for our time and for the years to come, and we cannot approach it with a modicum of intelligence if we start out from a position of hatred. -Michel Foucault

For years, Iran has worked to position itself to dominate the entire Middle East and to impose its version of radical Islam on society. It is actively working to destabilize Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. -Bill Flores Society

Islam is not a race, yet Islamophobia partakes of racist characteristics. Mohsin Hamid Race Characteristics We represent the moderate teachings and principles of Islam.- Mohammad bin Salman

All we’re doing is going back to what we were: a moderate Islam that is open to all religions and to the world and to all traditions and people. -Mohammad bin Salman

What has bothered and angered radical Muslims is that I’m a non-Muslim writing anything at all about Islam. But this is fiction, and I don’t think Islam is above criticism or fictionalization any more so than Judaism, Christianity, Mormonism or Hinduism is.- Brad Thor

They do not understand Islam, and I think that is one area where perhaps I hope one day I will play a role in actually making people understand what we perceive Islam to be.- Imran Khan

West is trying to weaken Islam from outside and inside. They attack our people and invade our countries from outside, and they weaken us from within with ideas like secularism, liberalism and democracy. This is all designed to contaminate our pure Islam. -Abu Bakar Bashir

The difference must be distinguished between worship and respect. Islam orders you to obey and respect, as long as you are not worshipping anything other than God… Islam is a religion of peace. You don’t attack. You explain. -Hakeem Olajuwon

Let me put it this way: There is nothing in Islam that is fundamentally against the quest for knowledge.- Ahmed Zewail

I got my first exposure to Islam when I was 13. Mos Def First Got Exposure We have religious freedom – which is important. But we want everyone in our country to respect our laws, and our laws on Islam say it is not acceptable to have influence abroad on the Muslim community in Austria, and it is not acceptable that Islamic organizations or imams are financed from abroad.- Sebastian Kurz

I do understand that America is a predominantly Christian country. A lot of morals and values are based in Christianity as opposed to Buddhism, which it’s not, or Judaism, which it’s not, or Islam, which it’s definitely not. So I’m not going to lie to myself and just be like, ‘Well you know, everybody’s equal.’ Because we’re not. -Lupe Fiasco

All over the Middle East, we face difficult challenges: the ongoing tragedy in Syria, the instability in Iraq, and the jihadist terrorism which dares to speak in the name of Islam bring so many to seek refuge. The Hashemite Kingdom is facing all these challenges with honour, with dignity, and with great national and human solidarity. – Reuven Rivlin

Islam was hijacked on that September 11, 2001, on that plane, as an innocent victim. Hamza Yusuf Innocent Victim September Plane The forces that led to radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Islamic State, can ultimately only be defeated by moderate Muslims around the globe, countries like U.A.E. that have led the fight within their own border to promote tolerance. -Tom Cotton

I am a living illustration of Bosnian mixing and converting. My grandparents lived in eastern Herzegovina. Very poor. The Turks came and brought Islam. There were three brothers in the family. One was Orthodox Christian. The other two took Islam to survive. – Emir Kusturica

This is indeed a clash of civilisations, not between Islam and Christendom but between reason and superstition. Polly Toynbee Reason Superstition Between Indeed The white working class desires safety for their families, but Islam brings everything but safety. Look at Europe! -Milo Yiannopoulos

There have been bombings by extremists. They are not representatives of Islam. They’re not representative of the vast majority of people who love this country, but nonetheless, they exist.- Edward Zwic

The reality is that Islam is facing a phenomenal rise with regards to fundamentalism. It cannot control it, but what is sure is that neither can European states control and monitor the development of fundamentalist networks in their own territory.- Marine Le Pen

Mosques where sharia law prevails – they exist in France. Refusing to see that means that we do equate Islam with Islamic fundamentalism. We have to denounce and eradicate it. -Marine Le Pen

I think people are tired of religion and how it divides and damages people. You can name it whatever you want, Islam or Christianity, but if you have a system in which God is distant and angry all the time, and you’re trying to please him through the right disciplines, it isn’t going to work for everyone. -William P. Young

Christianity and Judaism have gone through the laundromat of humanism and enlightenment, but that is not the case with Islam. -Pim Fortuyn

terrorists whatever slogans they use have nothing in common with Islam. -Nursultan Nazarbayev

We’ll surely stop the work of all western Christian and eastern religions, and also Islam. -Vladimir Zhirinovsky

America doesn’t have the moral authority or weight to tip the scales in this fight between moderate Islam and less tolerant Islam. Muslim communities and Muslim nations need to be leading edge of this fight. -Chris Murphy

It seems like whenever you write about Muslims, people assume that you’re writing about the Quran, you are writing about the Prophet Muhammad. There’s no sense that Muslims are capable of individualism, that they’re capable of making mistakes that are somehow not connected to Islam.- G. Willow Wilson

Islam, for example, like so many other faiths, stresses the importance of mutual solidarity with our fellow man.- Mehdi Hasan

Al-Qa’ida is the antithesis of the peace, tolerance and humanity that is at the heart of Islam. -John O. Brennan

Religion is very important to me. I respect the rules of Islam, and I pray five times a day, always. Sadio Mane Day Me Religion Respect The UN structure is one-sided, stacked against the world of Islam. -Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The enemy is not just terrorism. It is the threat posed specifically by Islamist terrorism, by Bin Ladin and others who draw on a long tradition of extreme intolerance within a minority strain of Islam that does not distinguish politics from religion and distorts both. -John Cornyn

I think there ought to be a strict separation or wall built between our religious faith and our practice of political authority in office. I don’t think the President of the United States should extoll Christianity if he happens to be a Christian at the expense of Judaism, Islam or other faiths. -Jimmy Carter

Once enough Americans reacquaint themselves with Americanism, we should promote it to all countries just as the Left promotes leftism and Muslims promote Islam. One need not be American to affirm Americanism. -Dennis Prager

Islam is a religion of success. Unlike Christianity, which has as its main image, in the west at least, a man dying in a devastating, disgraceful, helpless death.- Karen Armstrong

Mohammed was not an apparent failure. He was a dazzling success, politically as well as spiritually, and Islam went from strength to strength to strength. -Karen Armstrong

The values of Islam are expressed by Muslims clearly. September 11 changed the world and put Muslims on the spotlight. -Karen Armstrong

Ironically, the first thing that appealed to me about Islam was its pluralism. The fact that the Qoran praises all the great prophets of the past. -Karen Armstrong

The rise of African nations concurrent with the spread of the Nation of Islam and the civil rights movement gave black America a burst of pride over and above anything they had had since the decline of the movement of Marcus Garvey. -John Henrik Clarke

Pakistanis can’t trust. They’ve seen in history that people, particularly politicians, are corrupt. And they’re misguided by people in the name of Islam. They’re told: ‘Malala is not a Muslim, she’s not in purdah, she’s working for America.’ -Malala Yousafzai

Obama’s entire foreign policy was predicated on the notion that by existing, he would bridge all gaps and bury all hatchets. Instead, the Muslim world burns his picture even as he tells them he respects their radicalism. It turns out that diversity is a one-way street for the devotees of global Islam. -Ben Shapiro

The fundamental question I believe is, ‘Is political Islam in our best interest?’ If not, what is our policy to authoritatively support the countervailing forces?- Jim Mattis

I think my faith as a Muslim is very important. One of the core values is that you are always trying to build consensus. So when it comes to figuring out if something is permissible or not in Islam, it’s usually a discussion, and people have to come to a consensus in order for something to be approved. -Ilhan Omar

Many spiritual teachers – in Buddhism, in Islam – have talked about first-hand experience of the world as an important part of the path to wisdom, to enlightenment. bell hooks Wisdom Path Experience Spiritual These are the themes in life which are consistent in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism – of being grounded in who you are and being engaged in an unjust world.- Cory Booker

The Nation of Islam provides an antidote in the United States to fundamentalist Islam – which is why individuals from America have to go abroad to find radical teachings. Wole Soyinka America Go Nation Find I admire Islam. There’s a lot of good principles in it.- John McCain

I never was in the Nation of Islam… I mean, what I call myself is a natural Muslim, ’cause it’s just me and God. -Ice Cube

When 9/11 hit, the second thing I said to myself was, ‘This really is what religious people do.’ Those people flying the plane were very good, very pious, truly faithful believers. There’s no other way to paint them. Of course, they are extremists by definition, but they certainly aren’t going against Islam in any real way.- Penn Jillette

Donald Trump is an extremist leader who came out of nowhere. He’s self-financed, recruits through social media attract his followers with a radical ideology to take over the world, and is actively trying to promote a war between Islam and the West. -Hasan Minhaj

The secular elites are so terrified of telling the truth about radical Islam. When you talk about the radical Islamists, we have got to get straight and get serious and talk about it in the right way. -Newt Gingrich

Extremism is no more the monopoly of Islam than it is the monopoly of other religions, including Christianity. -Prince Charles

Women are not automatically second-class citizens because they live in Islamic countries. We cannot judge the position of women in Islam aright if we take the most conservative Islamic states as representative of the whole. -Prince Charles

The problem with Islam is that it’s a law, not a religion, and it’s incompatible with our values, our rights, and our freedoms. -Matteo Salvini

With Islam, there’s the Sharia. There’s the Islamic law which prevails, and as long as it doesn’t distinguish between God and the state, it’s a problem.- Matteo Salvini

In my opinion, Islam is an outdated religion. It’s not modern. And therefore, there’s too much space for violence. -Matteo Salvini

Unfortunately, a certain type of Islam ghettoizes itself and is incompatible with our society. And it amazes me that some within the Catholic hierarchy act as if they do not understand.- Matteo Salvini

When Western politicians propose blanket discrimination against Islam, they bolster the terrorists’ propaganda. -David Petraeus

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all share a gospel, loosely, and it’s important that we all realize that. -Dan Brown

To speak specifically of our problem with the Muslim world, we are meandering into a genuine clash of civilizations, and we’re deluding ourselves with euphemisms. We’re talking about Islam being a religion of peace that’s been hijacked by extremists. If ever there were a religion that’s not a religion of peace, it is Islam. -Sam Harris

There is no reason whatsoever to think that Buddhism can compete successfully with the relentless evangelizing of Christianity and Islam. Nor should it try to.- Sam Harris

In early Islam, it was an absolute tenet that the prophet was not to be worshipped. The prophet was a messenger. And one of the things that have happened in Islam is this cult of the prophet, which to my view is counter to the original tradition. -Salman Rushdie

In any authoritarian society, the possessor of power dictates, and if you try and step outside, he will come after you. This is equally true of Sovietism, of China and of Iran, and in our time it has happened a lot in Islam. The point is that it’s worse when the authoritarianism is supported by something supernatural. -Salman Rushdie

When I was writing ‘The Satanic Verses,’ if you had asked me about the phenomenon that we all now know as radical Islam, I wouldn’t have had much to say. As recently as the mid-1980s, it didn’t seem to be a big deal. -Salman Rushdie

If I had simply wanted to trade on an insult to Islam, I could have done it in a sentence rather than writing a 250,000-word novel, a work of fiction.- Salman Rushdie

If terrorism is to be defeated, the world of Islam must take on board the secularist-humanist principles on which the modern is based, and without which Muslim countries’ freedom will remain a distant dream. -Salman Rushdie

The mistake of the West was to put the Saudis on the throne of Saudi Arabia and give them control of the world’s oil fortune, which they then used to propagate Wahhabi Islam. -Salman Rushdie

Certainly, poverty and economic decline have a lot to do with the so-called rage of Islam. You’ve got all these young men in countries which are economically in bad shape. The idea that they might be able to make a good living and get married and have a family, a decent life, seems very remote to a lot of people in a lot of the world. -Salman Rushdie

You have an expansionist Islam and you have an expansionist China. Right? They are motivated. They’re arrogant. They’re on the march. And they think the Judeo-Christian West is on the retreat. -Steve Bannon

To be brutally frank, I mean Christianity is dying in Europe, and Islam is on the rise. -Steve Bannon

I suppose that the media and their portrayal of Islam and the almost tribal separations and divisions of the Muslims are the greatest issues confronting Muslims in the United Kingdom.- Cat Stevens

Moderation is part of faith, so those who accuse Muslim schools of fostering fanaticism should learn a bit more about Islam. -Cat Stevens

In the early days, I had a very black-and-white view of everything. I think that’s kind of natural for anyone who’s just embraced Islam – or any religion – as a convert. It was important for me to duck out of the fast and furious life I’d been living as a pop star. I was in a different mood. -Cat Stevens

I’m afraid that a lot of things that people believe about Islam are totally different from the religion that most of us recognize. I was really fortunate that I got to know Islam before it became a headline. -Cat Stevens

Maybe some people may have thought or imagined that Islam drains all creativity. In fact, when you look at history, you discover that the golden age of Spain is what actually produced what we call the guitar. -Cat Stevens

I believe Islam was truly spread by example. So whatever good a Muslim does publicly will be seen – the same is true for the bad. -Cat Stevens

Anybody looking at the history even of the 20th century would not single out Islam as the bloodthirsty religion; it was Christian/Nazi/Communist Europe and Buddhist/Taoist/Hindu/atheist Asia that set records for mass slaughter.- Nicholas Kristof

The caricature of Islam as a violent and intolerant religion is horrendously incomplete. Remember that those standing up to Muslim fanatics are mostly Muslims. -Nicholas Kristof

We certainly love the Muslim people. But that is not the faith of this country. And that is not the religion that built this nation. The people of the Christian faith and the Jewish faith are the ones who built America, and it is not Islam.- Franklin Graham

All views can’t be true because all views are opposite; this is the logical aspect. For example, Islam says we are good in nature; Christianity says we are born in sin. Islam says God is a man; Christianity says He is more than a man, He is God. All truths can’t be the same. -Norman Geisler

Muslim leader must unequivocally proclaim that terror committed in the name of Islam violates the core tenets of the Prophet Mohammed, and they must do so repeatedly. Period. -Mike Pompeo

I often think that woman is more free in Islam than in Christianity. Woman is more protected by Islam than by the faith which preaches monogamy. -Annie Besant

There is far more misunderstanding of Islam than there is, I think, of the other religions of the world. So many things are said of it by those who do not belong to that faith. -Annie Besant

It is the duty of the followers of Islam to spread through the civilised world, a knowledge of what Islam means – its spirit and message. -Annie Besant

Islam believes in many prophets, and Al Quran is nothing but a confirmation of the old Scriptures.- Annie Besant

In the Nation of Islam, Akbar Muhammad is a big deal. Tucker Carlson Nation Big Deal Big Deal The Western world needs to ally themselves against the evil that is political Islam. To unite with its practitioners would be to unite with evil. Anyone who sees that as a virtue is simply enabling evil and, by proxy, is evil themselves. -Steven Crowder

If you want to practice Islam in the inconsequential, semi-secular sense, fine. -Steven Crowder

Within the government, within the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, you have practically eliminated any training or any use of the term ‘radical Islam.’ That’s what we’re facing. – Michael T. Flynn

You always had a few brothers that were speaking on Islam, like my brother’s uncle. It wasn’t big in my neighbourhood, but with certain brothers, it was big. I respected it because Islam is my home. I found my home when Islam came to me. I’ve been living with it ever since.- Ghostface Killah

Make no mistake about it – Islam is just not another way to approach God. -Robert Jeffress

If they analyze the situation as thoroughly as they should, Muslims will realize they are the first targets. What are the fundamentalists really after? Simply taking over Islam and then turning its back on modernity.- Alexander Haig

Before there was radical Islam, immigration and terror didn’t mix. -Greg Gutfeld

Here is a fact: If Facebook were a religion, it will be the third largest behind Islam and Christianity. Its success is rooted and capitalizing on the human desire to bond. -Greg Gutfeld

You see in Islam, you see in Christianity, you see in Africa, in different religions, in Buddhism and Hinduism, there is a strong commitment to refugee protection. -Antonio Guterres

Practically the only way to dry the swamp of radical Islam is through economic development and an improved standard of living.- Yitzhak Rabin

I love what I live, and I live Islam, so I applied it to everything I do. I applied it to my rhymes, and I felt that I wanted the people to know what I knew.- Rakim

Subconsciously, Islam took over me, so it was like eighty or ninety per cent of the fabric of the person I was.- Rakim

Ataturk approved of the Mevlevi dervish approach to God as being ‘an expression of Turkish genius’ that reclaimed Islam from what he saw as hide-bound, backward Arab tradition.- Stephen Kinzer

Archaeologists have made discoveries that challenge fundamental traditions of Judaism as well as those of Christianity and Islam. -Stephen Kinzer

Chechens are Muslim, and some share the belief that the West is engaged in a global campaign against Islam. -Stephen Kinzer

Religion is defined by the relationship between God and man. And Islam is the submission and the acknowledgement of the human being to the creator. -Feisal Abdul Rauf

Fanaticism and terrorism have no place in Islam. -Feisal Abdul Rauf

There are individuals who are working very hard to promote fear and antagonism towards Islam and Muslims in this country. It’s fueled, in part, by the first African-American president that we have. Obama’s father was a Muslim and people have used this to arouse hostility against him. -Feisal Abdul Rauf

Our enemy is not Islam. Islam is not the enemy of America; Americans are not the enemy of Islam. Our real enemy is extremism and radicalism.- Feisal Abdul Rauf

The ultimate vision is to instate in the Muslim world the notion of multiculturalism, which is part of our heritage and history, part of the fundamental, mainstream ideals of Islam. -Feisal Abdul Rauf

What’s right with America and what’s right with Islam have a lot in common. At their highest levels, both worldviews reflect an enlightened recognition that all of humankind shares a common Creator – that we are, indeed, brothers and sisters.- Feisal Abdul Rauf

We would be able to deal with Islam if we were allowed to deal with it in the way we think we should.- Viktor Orban

The obstacle for us is not Islam, but the bureaucrats in Brussels. Viktor Orban Us Obstacle Brussels Bureaucrats If you convert to Islam after a couple of decades of being a black man in the U.S., the discrimination you receive as a Muslim doesn’t feel like a shock. -Mahershala Ali

I write as someone who has no more time for repressive Islam than he does for repressive Christianity or Judaism, but at least looks at the face in the hijab – and try to imagine the one beneath the niqab – before you depersonalise its wearer.- Will Self

Time You Face Look Most Muslims do not ‘choose’ Islam in the way that they choose to become doctors or lawyers, nor even in the way that they choose to become fans of Coldplay or Radiohead. Most Muslims, like people of any faith, are born into their religion. -Mohsin Hamid

Obviously, there’s always a battle over philosophical leanings and persuasions, but the bottom line here is that Americans need to understand that this is an ideology in jihadist terrorism that is dangerous beyond words, and we need the moderate Muslim voices to be heard here if this is to be diminished in Islam itself. -Trent Franks

This Islam business kidnapped me. Oriana Fallaci Me Business Kidnapped Europe is no longer Europe, it is Eurabia, a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense. -Oriana Fallaci

Christianity and Islam are today the most numerous and fastest growing religions globally. Together they encompass more than half of humanity. Consequence: both are here to stay. -Miroslav Volf

Actually, in its purest form, Islam is incredibly tolerant. That makes what’s going on in the world really bizarre. -Steve Earle

We’re going to have to rely on the world of Islam, major Islamic nations, to take the lead in helping promote a very different view of Islam – peace and understanding, as opposed to the radicalization going on. The Saudis and UAE and Qatar and others are going to have to take a leading role in changing hearts and minds in the world of Islam. -Mitt Romney

Science is only truly consistent with an atheistic worldview with regards to the claimed miracles of the gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. -Lawrence M. Krauss

‘Islamist terrorism.’ The very phrase is contentious. No one wants to make this problem harder by unfairly branding and alienating a quarter of the world’s population, and even in this construction, no one should be thinking this means all of Islam or all Muslims. -Michael Hayden

World Thinking Problem Terrorism Not once since becoming president has Mr Obama linked terror aimed at the United States with Islam. -Monica Crowley

To try to turn Iraq into a liberal democracy is absolutely crazy. Islam has no understanding of the separation between church and state because they don’t understand Islam to be a church. -Stanley Hauerwas

Democracy Crazy Church Understanding The very idea that you could have separation between mosque and state from Islam’s perspective is the imposition on them of Christian practice. Islam doesn’t really have a place for the state. They are a universalistic faith like Christianity, but they think there is no country that bounds Islam. -Stanley Hauerwas

Like fundamentalist Judaism and medieval Christianity, Islam is totalist. That is to say, it makes a total claim on the individual. -Martin Amis

It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn’t a global Islam.- Zbigniew Brzezinski

Reject racial or religious hate. Embrace moderate Islam. -Geraldo Rivera

I really believe in the way the energy can consolidate in certain geographical spots. You can find it in a lot of different places, beautiful natural spots, or if you look at Islam or Judaism or Christianity, these ideas of holy places. -Conor Oberst

Well, today, we are in the struggle brought on to us by the terrorists of Islam. It is a war that we did not choose. It was a war that was declared against us as Americans, against our people, against our Constitution. -Todd Tiahrt

A lot of people had a misconception that I would be the perfect poster child for Islam. So I got a lot of Instagram comments like, ‘Oh, you don’t have your neck covered, you’re not a Muslim!’ My thing is, stop judging women, especially if you’re a man because you don’t know the responsibility that comes with wearing a hijab. -Halima Aden

I had been fascinated with Islam since college – particularly how it could inspire such fervour in our modern age and move a significant number of its followers to horrific acts of violence. That invisible hand moved me to study more and more about Islam. -Brad Thor

Most Americans are unaware that Thomas Jefferson was the first American president to go to war against radical Islam. Jefferson was very concerned with Islam’s war-like doctrine and its inability to separate mosque and state. -Brad Thor

The more we can do to support and promulgate the intellectual traditions of the Abrahamic faiths – of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – the better armed we will be to fight fundamentalism. -Jon Meacham

I have a deep and personal aversion to anti-Semitism regardless of its source, and I reject and condemn the anti-Semitic statements and actions of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, and Khalid Muhammed.- Keith Ellison

I did not lose this election, or had a bad result compared with what we might have got because of Islam.- Imran Khan

A hedonistic lifestyle contrary to all the rules and expectations of Islam is not an unusual precursor to radicalisation: in fact, some young radicals see joining in the jihad as a way of achieving redemption for past sins. -Deeyah Khan

When leading evangelicals say terrible things about Islam, evil things about Islam, terrible things about Muhammad, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.- Tony Campolo

Most victims of ISIL are, in fact, Muslims. So it seems to me that to refer to ISIL as occupying any part of the Islamic theology is playing on a battlefield that they would like us to be on. I think that to call them – to call them some form of Islam gives the group more dignity than it deserves, frankly. -Jeh Johnson

I couldn’t follow the events of September 11 because I was proofreading a novel I’d just completed – on Islam and its quarrel with the West – that I’d promised, six months earlier, to deliver to my editor on September 12, 2001.- Pico Iyer

We should be proud that our Prophet came into the world with the message of Islam to change it for the better, and not for the worse, or to keep things as they are.- Abu Bakar Bashir

We have shown that Islam can rule the world perfectly for 14 centuries, and during this time of Muslim power we did not borrow ideas like democracy from others, so why do we need to learn democracy from them now? -Abu Bakar Bashir

There is not a single Muslim leader today who has the courage and commitment to defend Islam and Muslims, they are all in awe of the United States and other Western powers, and are indebted to them. -Abu Bakar Bashir

Islam’s laws are fixed and that is why Islam is stable. -Abu Bakar Bashir

Islam is fixed, stable, ordered and disciplined, and so are Muslims. -Abu Bakar Bashir

If my children do not behave according to Islam, if they do not pray, for instance, I will punish them. -Abu Bakar Bashir

The Prophet defeated the enemies of Islam even when he and his followers were small in number. -Abu Bakar Bashir

mall Enemies Defeated Followers The only model to follow is pure Islam. -Abu Bakar Bashir

Islam in its original form was tough and hard, not weak and pliable. Abu Bakar Bashir Tough Hard Weak Because Liberty in Islam is the liberty to be a Muslim, democracy likewise, individualism likewise. -James Buchan

My family is very feminist, and they consider that Islam is not a super feminist religion, which I know people can argue about. But that’s – any way that’s how I was brought up, so it would be odd for me to suddenly just up and start wearing a headscarf. -Elif Batuman

Historically, Islam was hijacked about 20 or 30 years after the Prophet and interpreted in such a way that the ruler has absolute power and is accountable only to God. That, of course, was a very convenient interpretation for whoever was the ruler. -Mohamed ElBaradei

If Islam’s sole interest is the welfare of mankind, then Islam is the strongest advocate of human rights anywhere on Earth. -Mos Def

This is a good time to ask apologists for the Islamic regime, who degrades Islam? Who imposes stoning, forced marriage of underage girls and flogging for not wearing the veil? Do such practices represent Iran’s ancient history and culture, its ethnic and religious diversity? Its centuries of sensual and subversive poetry? -Azar Nafisi

I think Islam is in a sense, in crisis. It needs to question and re-question itself. -Azar Nafisi

Look at Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution and the slogans that they used: anti-imperialism; anti-colonialism; the struggle of the have-nots against the haves; the state monopoly over the economy, which was very much patterned after the Soviet Union. All of these things did not come out of Islam. Islam is not that developed. -Azar Nafisi

In the past 30 years, officials of the Iranian regime and its apologists have labelled criticism, especially with regard to women’s rights, as anti-Islamic and pro-Western, justifying its brutalities by ascribing them to Islam and Iran’s culture.- Azar Nafisi

I want to ask those who are aiding terror, what do you get by taking innocent lives? Islam is a religion of peace; you are maligning its name. -Sheikh Hasina

We want Austrian-style Islam, not one controlled by other states. -Sebastian Kurz

We have a problem with political Islam in Austria. -Sebastian Kur

There are no grounds for discrimination in Europe, regardless of whether on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, or religion. On the other hand, there is equally no place for radical thought and political Islam. -Sebastian Kurz

Islam’s parallel societies and radicalizing tendencies have no place in our country. -Sebastian Kurz P

In the U.S., the FBI or the people I met from the Department of Justice might be ignorant about Islam or about the East more generally, but I felt they were less willing to make blanket judgments about Muslims. This caution was less evident with some of the authorities I met in India. -Amitava Kumar

You won’t see Christians violently attacking people for criticising their religion as you do with Islam, things like the Charlie Hebdo attack.- Lauren Southern

Islam believes that Jesus is a prophet, and they honour him – highly – and they respect him, and they follow his teachings. So, for me, as somebody who was raised Muslim, it is an honour to actually play Jesus, just because of that.- Haaz Sleiman

In Islam, Jesus is a prophet, and if you look at Mohammed and Jesus and Moses, it’s not like Moses is better than Jesus and Jesus is better than Mohammed. They’re all so highly respected and honoured and followed, and they’re all there for a reason.- Haaz Sleiman

In Islam, we believe Jesus is a prophet and respect him and follow his teachings and put him beside the Prophet Muhammad – a lot of people don’t know that. -Haaz Sleiman

The reason that Islamist militants can assert that jihad is necessary against the perceived enemies of Islam is that there is sufficient ammunition in the Quran to buttress their beliefs. The same could also, of course, be said for the Old Testament, which is full of scenes of violent death visited on the enemies of God. -Peter Bergen

Islam is, to be sure, a big tent, and the one and a half billion Muslims in the world run the gamut from mystical, moderate, pacific Sufis to Salafists. -Peter Bergen

ISIS may be a perversion of Islam, but Islamic it is, just as Christian beliefs about the sanctity of the unborn child explain why some Christian fundamentalists attack abortion clinics and doctors. -Peter Bergen

Apostasy is a grave crime in Islam and punishable by death in the eyes of members of al Qaeda. -Peter Bergen

For many, embracing the ideology of Osama bin Laden or ISIS allowed them to become the heroes of their own story as well as actors in a cosmic crusade. For others, a ‘cognitive opening’ too militant Islam was often precipitated by a personal disappointment or loss.- Peter Bergen

Abedi appears to be one of the many thousands of Western Muslims who have embraced militant Islam, often as a way of trying to resolve the tension between their split identities.- Peter Bergen

Trump had previously opined that ‘Islam hates us’ and had called for ‘the total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,’ an argument he has since modified and moderated. -Peter Bergen

We are being challenged by Islam these years. There are some things for which one should display no tolerance. And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.- Margrethe II of Denmark

There is something endearing about people who give themselves up completely to their faith. But there is likewise something frightening about such a totality, which also is a feature of Islam. -Margrethe II of Denmark

You know, my goal, once I leave the music business, is like, ‘Man, Lupe didn’t lead us astray.’ It comes directly from Islam: leading people astray is the worst thing you could do. Especially in perpetuity; like, your music continues to go on and live without you. That risk is too great for me; I’m gonna keep it positive. -Lupe Fiasco

America has always welcomed anyone willing to assimilate to its national character. But radical Islam rejects assimilation and is bent on the conquest of our national character.- Nancy Pearcey

Few remember that Trump was among the first in the country to recognize the danger of radical Islam. -Roger Stone

We have always realized, as Israelis and as Jews, that we are not fighting Islam and thus avoided turning the Temple Mount issue into a war of Jews against Muslims.- Reuven Rivlin

We must remember that Islam is not an enemy, and we have no war with Islam. -Reuven Rivlin

We are not fighting against the Palestinian people, and we are not at war with Islam. We are fighting against terrorism. -Reuven Rivlin

Similarly, it is argued that the culture of Islam is incompatible with democracy. Basically, this conventional perspective of the Middle East thus contends that democracy in that region is neither possible nor even desirable. -Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I have a big problem with Islam. Michel Onfray Problem Big Big Problem I, too, am interested in identity and Islam, which is what people expect of us. But one must not write what is expected. It’s important for North African writers to show they have other things to say.- Leila Slimani

The U.N. and other international bodies, along with wealthier nations, could manage the unavoidable migration from poorer countries if there were a greater focus on stopping the larger chaos created by leaders who finance and support terrorism in the name of Islam. -Richard Grenell

Pakistan is not the torch-bearer of Islam, and if I change my country, it doesn’t mean that I have to change my religion. -Adnan Sami

ISIS is very similar to the Kharijites, who were a toxic off-shoot of Islam. It’s not Islam; it’s a perversion of Islam, and to label, these militant externalities as Islam are to legitimize their actions. -Hamza Yusuf

I don’t align myself with the West of the Muslim world. I align myself with what I perceive to be just and in accordance with my principles – the principles that I live my life by which are universal principles and that are embodied in the religion of Islam. -Hamza Yusuf

The entrenched beliefs many westerners profess about Islam often reveal more about the West than they do about Islam or Muslims. -Hamza Yusuf

As a Westerner, the child of civil rights and anti-war activists, I embraced Islam not an abandonment of my core values, drawn almost entirely from the progressive tradition, but as an affirmation of them.- Hamza Yusuf

Secular intellectuals may wax eloquent about ‘true Islam’ being humane and peaceful, on TV programmes, but it is clear that they have not read any authoritative translations of the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith. -Subramanian Swamy

In Islam, the word of the Prophet is final. No true Muslim can disown these verses or say that they would rewrite the offensive verses of the Koran. If they do, then they would have to run for their lives.- Subramanian Swamy

If a big number of young pupils felt secularism was an attack on them, it was because the term had been misused and deformed in the public debate for years by the extreme-right and the right as an attack on Islam. The term had often been misused to point out how Muslims were different from others, and that is clearly problematic. -Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Islam and the Constitution are in clear conflict. -Darryl Glenn

The threat of radical Islam is real. -Darryl Glenn

Hindu nationalist outfits like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh perpetuate a false notion of the ‘love jihad’ – the false idea that young Muslim men are making Hindu girls fall in love with them to trick them into converting to Islam. -Elizabeth Flock

I am totally against the idea that a Muslim woman should not have the same opportunities as a Muslim man to learn, to open up, to work, help shape the future. To close Islam down to a sexist approach is totally intolerable and ridiculous. It’s not Islam. -Hussein of Jordan

Let me say this loud and clear. There is a world of difference between terrorist acts and the Islamic Shari’a. Islam is not only a religion but a way of life. And at its heart lie the sacred principles of tolerance and dialogue.- Hussein of Jordan

There are too many people sympathetic to radical Islam. We should be looking at them more carefully and finding out how we can infiltrate them.- Peter T. King

We are in a conflict, whether we like it or not. I think we have to identify the enemy and call it by its name. And the enemy is an ideology rooted in militant Islam. -Ron DeSantis

No one is attacking Islam, as such. We accept that there is a large French-born Islamic population in France who have a right to be here. The FN is not a racist or Islamophobic party.- Marion Marechal-Le Pen

We are not a land of Islam. In our country, we don’t wear djellaba clothing, we don’t wear a veil, and we don’t impose cathedral-sized mosques. -Marion Marechal-Le Pen

We are not a land of Islam, and if French citizens can be Muslims, it’s on the condition to submit to habits and ways of life that the Greek, Roman influence and 16 centuries of Christianity have shaped. -Marion Marechal-Le Pen

West has been calling for years for the forces of moderate Islam to stand up to the very small percentage but a very large number of radical Muslims all around the world. When countries – the U.A.E. or Egypt or Jordan – do that, we need to highlight it, we need to celebrate it, and we need to continue to encourage it. -Tom Cotton

In their rush to placate everyone and offend no one – and in particular, to pander to Islam – the Left wants to shut down Christianity. -Milo Yiannopoulos

Every time there is a terrorist incident involving evil fanatics who abuse the name of Islam, ordinary, law-abiding Muslims pay a heavy price. -Sadiq Khan

Islam is misunderstood by many. The extremists grab the headlines; those of us who want to practise our religion and live under this country’s laws do not make the news. -Sadiq Khan

I have a lot of respect for aspects of Islam, but I would not choose to live in a theocratically organised Muslim society. -John Rhys-Davies

Islam of the 18th, 19th and first half of the 20th century was a poor thing. Nobody bothered about it. Islam was that funny sort of pure system of beliefs that depressed people in the Middle East held as their religion. -John Keegan

The revival of Islam dates from the early years of the 20th century. It was brought about by their humiliation, by their sense of how low they’d fallen compared with the West. -John Keegan

There are fear mongers who talk about Islam as somehow it is an incubator of hate… remember Christians, like the Westboro Baptist Church, are just as capable of promoting intolerance. -Louis Theroux

Not counting the brand of Sunni Islam practised by the so-called Islamic State, there is probably no religion in the world that comes in for more flak than Scientology. -Louis Theroux

Christianity is the fastest-growing religion in the world; Islam is the second. It’s spreading in Asia, Africa, and South America. So the world is in a kind of religious revival, and the atheists are totally flummoxed. They thought they were winning, and now they see that they aren’t. -Dinesh D’Souza

Acts of violence against one’s own countrymen that are legitimated by religion are not new. Nor have such acts been unique to Islam. -Linda Colley

We need to recognize the reality of the threat from radical Islam: that it will be an enduring conflict, that there are no easy decisions, and that mistakes have and will be made. -Pete Hoekstra

The anniversary of the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001, and September 11, 2012, is a day to remember those who died and suffered. It is also an opportunity to open a new dialogue on the tactics and strategies that have been successful – and unsuccessful – in confronting, containing, and defeating the threat from radical Islam.- Pete Hoekstra

Islamists and their sympathizers hate us, and they will not stop hating us until we convert to ancient Islam. There is no middle ground or accommodation.- Pete Hoekstra

West needs leaders with the courage and the will to fight the scourge of radical Islam. -Pete Hoekstra

West is in for a long, irregular confrontation – not with terrorism, which is simply a tactic, but with radical Islam.- Rand Paul

The world does not have an Islam problem; the world has a dignity problem.- Rand Paul

Any attempt to single out Islam would be a violation of the Constitution. -Chris Gibson

My passion was reading newspapers – and I became curious, in particular, about Islam and the Arab world. -Federica Mogherini

It’s not the United States’s job to ‘protect’ Islam.- Dana Loesch

It’s probably incorrect to say that Islam is ‘a religion of peace,’ as some politicians like to say. Overstatements like that don’t clarify anything. -Jay Parini

Islamist terrorism is cancer on Islam, and Muslims themselves must fight it at our side.- Marine Le Pen

Do we want a multicultural society, following the model of the English-speaking world, where fundamental Islam is progressing and we see major religious claims, or do we want an independent nation, with people able to control their own destiny, or do we accept to be a region managed by the technocrats of the European Union? -Marine Le Pen

There are some who believe that secularism and Islam are not compatible. But Muslims should show everyone that this is not the case. It’s up to them to show that you can be French and Muslim and still respect secular rules. -Marine Le Pen

The struggle against radical Islam should be a joint struggle, and everyone should say, ‘There – we are sacrificing something.’ -Marine Le Pen

At the height of his popularity in 1977, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and dedicated his life to educational and philanthropic causes. -Shawn Amos

Predicting has a spotty record in science fiction. I’ve had some failures. On the other hand, I also predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of fundamentalist Islam… and I’m not happy to be right in all of those cases. -David Brin

The people who believe themselves to be on the left, and who defend the agents of Islam in the name of tolerance and culture, are being rightwing. Not just rightwing. Extreme rightwing. I don’t understand how you can be so upset about the Christian right and just ignore the Islamic right. I’m talking about equality. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The concept of God in Jewish orthodoxy is one where you’re having constant quarrels with God. Where I come from, in Islam, the only concept of God is you submit to Him and you obey His commands; no quarrelling allowed.- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

My brother thinks it is very, very bad that I left Islam. My half-sister wants to convert me back; I want to convert her to Western values. My mum is terrified that when I die, and we all go to God, I will be burned. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Me God Brother Die My friend, the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, was murdered in 2004 for having been insufficiently reverent toward Islam.- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Many people in Europe and the U.S. dispute the thesis that we are living through a clash of civilisations between Islam and the west. But a radical minority of Muslims firmly believes that Islam is under siege, and is committed to winning the holy war it has declared against the West. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I have had to pay a price for leaving Islam and for speaking out. I have to pay for round-the-clock security because of the death threats against me. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

We who don’t want radical Islam to spread must compete with the agents of radical Islam. I want to see what would happen if Christians, feminists and Enlightenment thinkers were to start proselytizing in the Muslim community.- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The problem is that those of us who were born into Islam and who don’t want to live according to scripture – we don’t have what the Jews have, which is a rabbinical tradition that allows you to ask questions. We also don’t have the church tradition that the Christians have.- Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘moderate Islam.’ I think it’s better to talk about degrees of belief and degrees of practice. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

My father saw Islam as a way to connect with the community. He never went to prayer services except for big communal events. I am absolutely certain that my father did not go to services every Friday. He was not religious.- Maya Soetoro-Ng

This radical Islam is a religious-based ideology. And you actually have to, when you deal with the ideology, you have to attack it on that basis.- Jack Keane

The fact to the matter is, we never developed a comprehensive strategy to deal with radical Islam. And the 9/11 commission said one of the things we must do is develop a global alliance to combat it.- Jack Keane

The Arab Spring, nobody’s in the streets demonstrating for radical Islam; they’re in the streets with a window of democracy. They want our political reform, our social justice, and our economic opportunity. -Jack Keane

Things that become important to economies become ritualized and become deified. Because I’m Jewish, I always thought it was interesting that in Judaism, salt seals a bargain, particularly the covenant with God. Some people, when they bless the bread, dip it in salt. The same thing exists in Islam. -Mark Kurlansky

I think there is no reason for us to bring to Islamism or political Islam the fear and ignorance of Western commentators and their hysterical vocabulary. -Pankaj Mishra

The clash of civilizations or the clash between Islam and the West may be cliches. But there is an even bigger cliche around: that this clash actually goes on within Islam, between reformists and fanatics. -Pankaj Mishra

Islam is in principle egalitarian, and has always had problems with power.- Mary Douglas

I’m a person of faith, and the language that I use to define my faith, the symbols and metaphors that I rely upon to express my faith, are those provided by Islam because they make the most sense to me. -Reza Aslan

What the printing press is to Christianity in the 16th century, that’s what the Internet is doing to Islam now. It has opened up the monopoly over the interpretation of Islam that used to solely belong to the religious class. -Reza Aslan

I never would’ve thought in Homeland Security that you would see someone saying that we needed to have hearings on radicalization of Christianity because it’s a purported threat to America as much as radicalization of Islam. Mo Brooks You America Thought Never There’s no religion in this country that is more misunderstood, miscategorized, and misidentified than Islam. -W. Kamau Bell

Donald Trump giving a speech on Islam is like me giving a speech titled, ‘The Best Haircuts to Have If You Really Want to Succeed in Corporate America.’ I could do it. But I’d mostly be making it up as I went along. -W. Kamau Bell

The fact of simultaneously being Christian and having as my mother tongue Arabic, the holy language of Islam, is one of the basic paradoxes that have shaped my identity. -Amin Maalouf

Mother Identity Language Christian In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the major international question was the relation between Islam and democracy.- Noah Feldman

The truth is nobody was a Muslim until Public Enemy came out. Then, everybody was Muslim this and Muslim that. It’s a bandwagon thing. Islam is a way of life… it’s a religion. It’s not just something you put on a record. -KRS-One Life

I was sort of born into a Subud cult that has ties to Islam and Indonesia and Middle Eastern spiritualism. My parents were kind of trial-and-error when it came to religion. -Sufjan Stevens

The U.S. is friends with dictatorial regimes, then invades places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and what happens afterwards is a catastrophe. In the place of their leaders, fundamentalist movements that use the name of Islam spring up, and all that’s left is terror and bloodshed. -Ayman Odeh

Here’s the broader inconvenient truth for both Clinton and women’s rights that Trump is more than willing to tell voters: Islam, as it is practiced in most countries around the world, suppresses women’s rights – the only issue is the degree of severity of the repression. -Peter Navarro

Those who say that the West and Islam are eternally irreconcilable have more in common with the Islam extremists than they might like to think, for it’s the very same argument, of course, advanced by Al-Qaida. And they do have it wrong. We need to work with mainstream Islam. -Pauline Neville-Jones

I am concerned if 25 per cent of Americans think that President Obama is a Muslim. I mean, it’s obviously a lack of knowledge. But also, it’s for the Muslims as well, you know, because small numbers of Muslims have really painted a very negative image of Islam.- Najib Razak

I keep on saying, being moderate is fundamental to Islam. -Najib Razak

We have been given a role to play. We have been asked to provide, to give lectures on the role of Islamic development and the way we do it here, so the people who are Muslims there would understand what the role of Islam is.- Abdullah Ahmad

The idea is that they wouldn’t want to deal with militant Islam but an Islam and Muslims who are committed to progress committed to the development, who like peace and are moderate in their ways. So that’s what we are doing here.- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

General Zia-ul-Haq, a dictator and unscrupulous political actor, used Islam as a pretext for waging war in Afghanistan and adopting an aggressive stance towards India. By advancing a more orthodox version of Islam, he was able to hold on to a repressive regime and quell any opposition. -Asma Jahangir

My father, in 1952, just in his 20s, my father became the chief spokesman for the Nation of Islam. From 1952 to 1959, there were four temples. My father was responsible and credited for having maximized this membership. From four temples to 50 temples, there was so much work involved. -Ilyasah Shabazz

Betty Shabazz was the wife of a man who challenged a government that was historically unjust. She was harassed and placed under surveillance by the Nation of Islam (NOI), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). -Ilyasah Shabazz

Picture what this country felt like in the weeks and months after 9/11. Can you imagine anyone even beginning to allow an advertising campaign promoting Islam, being endorsed and supported by a man the feds believe to be a terrorist, on New York City subways?- Mike Gallagher

I’m concerned that Islam has not just been politicised but that it’s becoming an identity. This is like turning religion into a football match; it’s a distraction from the real thing.- Leila Aboulela

The coverage of Islam in the media is becoming more sophisticated, and there is more access to knowledge.- Leila Aboulela

Look at all the misery in the Middle East, for example. All these countries have Islam in common, and far too few dares to criticize Islam as an ideology, and what it’s doing to these countries. I know I might get punched in the face for saying these things, but my conviction is that less religion in the world would be better. -Bjorn Ulvaeus

The threat to Russia isn’t liberal Europe or America. It is nonliberal Islam and nonliberal China. Russia has to change. It can’t be otherwise. It will take time. You have to be patient. -Adam Michnik

As Commander of the Faithful, it is out of the question that I fight Islam. We need to fight violence and ignorance. It is true when one strolls out, one sees women with scarves and men with beards. This has always been the case in Morocco. Morocco is built on tolerance. -Mohammed VI of Morocco

For the most part, the only contact that most Quebecers have with the world of Islam is through these images of violence, repeated over and over: wars, riots, bombs, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Boston marathon… The reaction is obvious: We’ll have none of that here!- Jacques Parizeau

There are many ways people think of God, and thousands of flavours of Christianity, Judaism, Islam… but they’re always looking at something that’s not measurable or you can’t really see or control. -Anthony Levandowski

I definitely subscribe to the idea that 9/11, to use an overused phrase, was a wake-up call. There was a year-long national teach-in on Islam – everyone read books and suddenly talked about Islam, and that was very productive. But there’s no doubt that moment has passed.- Bruce Feiler

I have travelled a lot in the world, and wherever Islam is in charge, it’s just terrible. Pim Fortuyn World Traveled Just Wherever There is tension between the values of modern society and the principles of Islam. -Pim Fortuyn

Modern society places an emphasis on individual responsibility, whereas Islam places an emphasis on collective responsibility and the family. -Pim Fortuyn

Obama has no power to change American policy because there are people who specialize in drawing these policies, which have been and still are hostile towards Islam. -Muqtada al Sadr

We are in a struggle against the forces of radical Islam and terror, which must be defeated for our children and our grandchildren. -Michael McCaul

If there is one thing that the women and men of the late 20th century who have an awareness and enjoyment of history can be sure of, it is that Islam was not sent from Heaven to foster egotism and mediocrity. -Fatema Mernissi

So much of Islam is Judeo-Christianity. It’s impossible to divorce them. Islam is 600 years after Christ. Thousands of years after Judaism. Christ, Moses, Abraham – they are all in the Koran. -Fatema Mernissi

Contrary to what many Westerners believe, Islam has a rich tradition of secular painting in spite of its ban on images. It is only in religious rituals that the use of pictorial representation is totally prohibited. -Fatema Mernissi

In Islamic societies, politicians can manipulate almost everything. But thus far, no fundamentalist leader has been able to convince his supporters to renounce Islam’s central virtue – the principle of strict equality between human beings, regardless of sex, race, or creed. -Fatema Mernissi

Iran is not in any sort of routine groupings. It’s not an Arab country. It’s not part of the Indian subcontinent. So it’s in a neighbourhood where it has some unique characteristics. We are a country which embraced Islam, learned Arabic, but didn’t change its language or its culture… That’s what keeps us unique. -Mohammad Javad Zarif

We have to fight radical Islam wherever it exists. It’s in Afghanistan, it’s in Saudi Arabia, throughout the Middle-East in big numbers and it’s in the United States. -Tom Tancredo

Barack Obama and the American Left, the ‘imperialist’ West is always guilty, and so, radical Islam is seen as at least half right in attacking Western values and institutions. -Tom Tancredo

No, Islam did not free African-Americans from slavery, not in Africa and not in Europe or America. Evangelical Christianity did that. -Tom Tancredo

America Free Slavery Africa No, Islam did not lift American blacks out of poverty; capitalism did that. -Tom Tancredo

The Left wants Islam not only tolerated across the globe but invited and welcomed inside the gates and into our schools, our entertainment, our military our legislatures, and yes, the White House. -Tom Tancredo

To the Left, Islam, like the rest of the ‘Third World,’ is one of the many victims of Western Imperialism. -Tom Tancredo

To the Left, Islam’s anger and hatred of the West are understandable because they have legitimate grievances against us. -Tom Tancredo

ISIS and radical Islam have declared war on us not because of anything we have done – not because we are a friend to Israel and not because we have not yet toppled the bloody Syrian dictator Assad. ISIS and radical Islamists hate us for who we are. The irony is, we ourselves do not know who we are. -Tom Tancredo

War Hate Friend Know Radical Islam’s principles are out there for all to see if they open their eyes. But what are our principles? In truth, they are up for grabs.- Tom Tancredo

It is not right to associate the fight against international terrorist networks with an imaginary crusade against Islam. -Omar Bongo

Personality cults are an insult to Islam. -Ramzan Kadyrov

If people in Russia do not take the path of traditional, pure Sufi Islam, Russia will lose out. All the other denominations, like Wahhabism, are new inventions for our country – we have never had it, and we will never accept it.- Ramzan Kadyrov

The core of my life is Islam, my religion. Without that, I have no strength, no belief in God or in myself. -Naseem Hamed

Muslims are not bloodthirsty people. Islam is a religion of peace that forbids the killing of the innocent. Islam also accepts the Prophets, whether those prophets are Mohammed, God’s peace and blessing be upon Him, or Moses or the other prophets of the Books.- Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

North Eurasia is one of the best examples of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence of Islam and Christianity. This is a rare thing in today’s world, even in its most liberal parts. -Nursultan Nazarbayev

I mean, in general, the danger is from Oriental faiths and Islam. -Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Islam will be what Muslims make of it. And it is the sum total of the interpretation that Muslims give to it. -Maajid Nawaz

I can now say that the more I learnt about Islam, the more tolerant I became.- Maajid Nawaz

Islamism is not Islam. Islamism is the politicisation of Islam, the desire to impose a version of this ancient faith over society. -Maajid Nawaz

Hip-hop in the ’90s began moving towards the Nation of Islam and the 5 Percenters, black nationalist movements; very much so, these movements embraced a form of Islam: Malcom X’s form of Islam prior to his change. -Maajid Nawaz

The conclusion that I have come to is that actually, no religion, whether it’s Islam, Christianity or any idea based on scripture or texts, is a religion of ‘anything,’ really.- Maajid Nawaz

I can say with a level of confidence that Islam is not a religion of war, only because the majority of Muslims don’t subscribe to that perspective, not because there’s something inherent in the text that tells me it’s a religion of peace. -Maajid Nawaz

All my friends were non-Muslims. I actually knew very little about Islam – like, very little. -Maajid Nawaz

I became, suddenly, not just a Muslim in faith. I became a Muslim in politics. Somebody whose politics were pre-defined by one interpretation of Islam. -Maajid Nawaz

I realised that the idea of enforcing sharia is not consistent with Islam as it’s been practised from the beginning. In other words, Islam has always been secular, and I had been totally ignorant of the fact. -Maajid Nawaz

Islamism is an ideology that seeks to impose any version of Islam over society. -Maajid Nawaz

Yes, women should be free to cover their faces when walking down the street. But in our schools, hospitals, airports, banks and civil institutions, it is not unreasonable – nor contrary to the teachings of Islam – to expect women to show the one thing that allows the rest of us to identify them… namely, their face. -Maajid Nawaz

The French have a very deep knowledge of Islam in many areas, and we can exchange views. Tony Tan Knowledge Deep Many Very I do not understand how people can look at the rapid spread of extremism all across the globe and not understand that it is – that it isn’t coincidental to the concurrent rapid spread of a very conservative strain of Islam that is paid for out of Saudi Arabia. -Chris Murphy

There is no doubt that terrorists acting under the banner of Islam have declared war on us.- Bob Beckel

I questioned the blind faith demanded by my religion, which was Islam. -Art Malik

Faith Religion Blind Which I don’t know that Islam has ever been a subject of anything that I’ve written. I think Muslims have often been, but those are two very different things. -G. Willow Wilson

For most inhabitants of the Arab world, the prevailing cultural attitude toward women – fed and encouraged by Wahhabi doctrine, which is based on Bedouin social norms rather than Islamic jurisprudence – often trumps the rights accorded to women by Islam. -G. Willow Wilson

The ‘Islam vs. the West’ dialogue ceased to be about real people a long time ago.- G. Willow Wilson

Ninety per cent of the comic books I’ve written in the past had little or nothing to do with Islam. -G. Willow Wilson

In 2003, as a 21-year-old convert to Islam, I moved from Colorado to Cairo to see what life was like in a Muslim country.- G. Willow Wilson

If the Pope spoke out with moral authority against violent Islam, I would be there cheering him on.- Paul Gosar

Family is such a fundamental part of Islam, and women run the family. I had to force myself not to impose my own definition of political and social freedom on women in Islam and approach each story objectively.- Lynsey Addario

Myself Freedom Family Women We have to find a way to try and reconcile our beliefs – and Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, has traditionally seen homosexuality as a sin – with the reality of life in modern, pluralistic, secular societies in which gay people cannot be wished away or banished from sight. -Mehdi Hasan

Islam, like orthodox interpretations of the other Abrahamic faiths, views homosexuality as sinful and usually defines marriage as only ever a heterosexual union. This isn’t to say that there is no debate on the subject. -Mehdi Hasan

As a supporter of secularism, I am willing to accept same-sex weddings in a state-sanctioned register office, on grounds of equity. As a believer in Islam, however, I insist that no mosque be forced to hold one against its wishes. -Mehdi Hasan

To claim that ISIS is Islamic is egregiously inaccurate and empirically unsustainable, not to mention insulting to the 1.6 billion non-violent adherents of Islam across the planet. -Mehdi Hasan

I love my job… but I find myself awkwardly straddling the divide between British Islam and the British media. I get pretty exhausted of having to constantly endure a barrage of lazy stereotypes, inflammatory headlines, disparaging generalisations, and often inaccurate and baseless stories.- Mehdi Hasan

I’m the first person to say don’t equate between terrorism and Islam. But at the same time, I’m not going to pretend that there isn’t a threat from some British Muslim homegrown extremists. -Mehdi Hasan

Al-Qa’ida seeks to portray America as an enemy of the world’s Muslims. But President Obama has made it clear that the United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam. -John O. Brennan

Muslims around the world deserve to see the birthplace of Islam represent the ethics of Islam. -Jamal Khashoggi

There can be no political reform and democracy in any Arab country without accepting that political Islam is a part of it. -Jamal Khashoggi

I always found it ironic when a Saudi official bashes Islamists, given that Saudi Arabia is the mother of all political Islam – and even describes itself as an Islamic state in its ‘Higher Law.’ -Jamal Khashoggi

Osama bin Laden’s hijacked planes not only attacked the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They also attacked Islam as a faith. They attacked the values of tolerance and coexistence that Islam preaches. -Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia is the mother and father of political Islam. Jamal Khashoggi Mother Father Political Saudi The majority of the world’s Muslims do not believe that terrorism is a legitimate strategy or that Islam is incompatible with democracy.- Gijs de Vries

Islam and the West have clashed in the past and have not clashed. There is nothing inevitable about it. -Lawrence Wright

I wrote ‘God’s War,’ I probably did eight years of research into the Middle East, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, and all sorts of fabulous other things. Kameron Hurley God War Research Things I think I came to see Islam, or at least one part of Islam, as an important defence mechanism against the commercialization of the world. -Peter Jennings

I was fascinated by the Black Panthers because I’d been in contact with the Nation of Islam, thanks to Muhammad Ali, and their way of talking was that the whites were the devil, and they’d get rid of them once they took over. -William Klein

Al Qaeda’s leaders seek to reverse what they claim are corrupt Islamic practices bookended by the Mongol invasions in 1256 and Ataturk’s ending the caliphate in 1924. Theirs is a fight to turn Islam’s clock back to the time of Prophet Muhammad’s original followers.- Malcolm

ISIL is not ‘radical Islam.’ Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood – these are radical Islamic groups. They resort to armed struggle and terrorism to move toward their goals. But they are also deeply political organizations that have internal rules, standards, and codes of conduct. -Malcolm Nance

Yes, ISIL is a terror-based insurgent army that seeks to establish a Caliphate, but the group’s actual end goal is far from political: ISIL believes that, through jihad, it will bring about the Day of Judgment. This is not true Islam. -Malcolm Nance

Islam’s not just about covering your hair. It’s about how you treat other people. -Bassem Youssef

My aim is to show that those governments that violate the rights of people by invoking the name of Islam have been misusing Islam.- Shirin Ebadi

I did a play called ‘Disgraced’ in 2012 at Lincoln Center, which ultimately won the Pulitzer Prize. I played the lead character, a Muslim American, who had renounced Islam and became very anti-Islam.- Aasif Mandvi

When I look at Washington today, we need to bring us together. We need to solve problems, we need to rebuild our military so we can stand up to radical Islam, we need to get our economy growing much faster by throwing out the corrupt tax code and lowering the rates. -George Pataki

When the Taliban captured Kabul in 1996 after a searing, four-year civil war, they immediately instituted laws which fit their utopic vision of the time of Islam’s founding more than 1,300 years earlier. Afghan women’s lives offered the most visible sign of the imagined past to which Afghanistan’s present was to be returned.- Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Islam is not a religion. It’s a political system. It has a different set of rules.- Paul Nehlen

The enemy is not Islam, the great world faith, but a perversion of Islam.- John Cornyn

I plan on using all of the Left-wing terrorists and tech tyrants who are trying to shut me down simply because I am a Conservative Jewish woman who speaks the truth about Islam. -Laura Loomer

Islam has been badly used by a certain ideology. -Youssou N’Dour

I really want to bring the message of love that is Islam to people; bring something new to that familiar face. -Youssou N’Dour

Islam is a peaceful religion.- Youssou N’Dour

Whether it’s people walking off ‘The View’ when Bill O’Reilly makes a statement about radical Islam or Juan Williams being fired for expressing his opinion, over-reaching political correctness is chipping away at the fundamental American freedoms of speech and expression. -Eric Cantor

For me, Islam is a moral reference point, a source of inspiration to work collectively with people, to love people and to help them, to concentrate on universal values of mercy, co-operation and tolerance. -Wadah Khanfar

The radical elements in Islam are very dangerous. Brent Scowcroft Dangerous Very Radical Elements Establishing an equilibrium between the Islam of truth and Islam as an identity is one of the most difficult tasks of religious intellectuals. -Abdolkarim Soroush

Islam, or any religion, will become totalitarian if it is made into an ideology because that is the nature of ideologies. -Abdolkarim Soroush

Nature Religion Will Become After the 9/11 incidents, Islam has become a big question mark among westerners, especially Americans. The mass media constantly raise the issue of the relationship between Islam and terrorism. -Abdolkarim Soroush

Islam has shown two faces to the Jews, one benevolent, one less so. Jack Schwartz Two Faces Jews Less The Wahhabi movement is a form of radical Islam that people here say did not exist before in Bosnia, where Islam had co-existed with other major religions and was much softer and more liberal.- Jasmila Zbanic

I support this war on terror and the war on radical Islam. -Dana Rohrabacher

America won the Cold War, some believed we had come to the ‘end of history,’ and budget-cutters celebrated the so-called ‘peace dividend.’ As a result, we ignored the toxic mixture of militant Islam and terror that ultimately led to 9/11. -Frank Gaffney

Islam and democracy can function together.- Ali Babacan

A country which has a population 99% as their faith in Islam can also be a country which is subscribing to the universal values of the E.U. -Ali Babacan

Throughout its history, Islam has borrowed and adapted from other civilizations, both ancient and modern.- Shereen El Feki

My mother’s family is Christian: her father was a Baptist lay preacher, and her brother, in a leap of Anglican upward mobility, became a vicar in the Church of Wales. But my mother converted to Islam on marrying my father. She was not obliged to; Muslim men are free to marry Ahl al-Kitab, or people of the Book – among them, Jews and Christians. -Shereen El Feki

Growing up, I came to love Egypt and respect Islam, but I never thought to go beyond the surface. Back in Canada, many of my father’s Egyptian friends questioned his decision not to raise his only child more strictly in the faith. I was not taught salat, the Muslim ritual of prayer, nor did I study Arabic. -Shereen El Feki

President Bush’s war on Iraq is viewed broadly in Islamic communities as an attack on Islam, and thus the President has alienated a large part of one-fifth of the world’s population. -John Olver

The U.S. always needs an enemy. It comes and goes. Today it is Islam. According to this plan or ideology of the born-again Christians who formed an alliance with Zionism, Islam is the monster. -Walid Jumblatt

The Islamic State is a threat to both the moderate Islam headed by Mr Saad al-Hariri and, of course, for Hezbollah. There is a convergence, an anxiety of a common enemy… which is good. -Walid Jumblatt

Christianity and Islam, have the same morals, the same lifestyle, some of the same stories that shaped them. -Craig Thompson

I had this desire to understand Islam better and then focus on the beauty of Arabic and Islamic cultures. And one of the first things to emerge was Arabic calligraphy, which was instantly inspiring. -Craig Thompson

There is a group of individuals who are radical jihadists. We need to call them by name. They believe it is OK to kill people in the name of their religion. It is not all of Islam. It is not all Muslims. But there is a subgroup who believe it is OK. In fact, it is their plan and design to kill people. -Tim Pawlenty

I think Muslims have become the new Negroes in America. They are being mistreated at airports, by the Immigration – everywhere. Islam is a religion of peace. They are wrong. -Jermaine Jackson

Having embraced Islam, I felt as if I were born again. I found in Islam the answers to those queries which I had failed to find in Christianity. -Jermaine Jackson

There are strengths in Islamic tradition. Islam actually, as a monotheistic religion, which defined man as a responsible agent by itself, created the idea of the individual in the Middle East and saved it from the communitarianism, the collectivism of the tribe. -Mustafa Akyol

While no Muslim worthy of his name would lose his respect for God, the Prophet Muhammad, and other symbols of Islam, he might well refrain from using legal prosecution or violent reaction to those who do not show the same respect. My basis for this claim is nothing other than the holiest source of Islam, the Quran. -Mustafa Akyol

The Qur’an not only lacks any earthly punishment for someone who abandons Islam, it even includes verses that imply that such a change of heart should be a matter of free choice. -Mustafa Akyol

The main bone of contention is whether Islamic injunctions are legal or moral categories. When Muslims say Islam commands daily prayers or bans alcohol, are they talking about public obligations that will be enforced by the state or personal ones that will be judged by God? -Mustafa Akyol

One has to nurture a new generation, to raise children in the spirit of Islam. -Akhmad Kadyrov

Islam was a time of great creativity. Scholars excelled in sciences and literature.- Basmah bint Saud

Islam was a time of great creativity. Scholars excelled in sciences and literature. Our religion should not be a shield behind which we hide from the world but a driving force that inspires us to innovate and contribute to our surroundings. This is the true spirit of Islam. -Basmah bint Saud

There are common denominators that unite all members of al-Nahda: There is no one in al-Nahda who doubts about Islam There is no one in al-Nahda that believes in extremist views of Islam. -Rashid al-Ghannushi

No one in al-Nahda believes that jihad is a way to impose Islam on the world. But we believe that jihad is self-control, is a social and political struggle, and even military jihad is only a way to defend oneself in the case of aggression. -Rashid al-Ghannushi

Barack Obama a Muslim? Did he ever practice Islam? The presidential candidate officially rejects the claims, but the issue of Obama’s personal faith has re-emerged amid conflicting accounts of his enrollment as a Muslim during elementary school in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation. -Aaron Klein

Faith School World Practice Jihad expands Islam’s domain by any means available. -Ralph Peter

In the early centuries of Islam, the great schools of Islamic jurisprudence were built upon the above principles. Basic to all their legal systems they developed the doctrine that liberty is the fundamental basis of law. -Aly Khan

It is apparent that Christianity and Islam must come, and come immediately, to a closer understanding, and it is equally apparent that their unity if achieved, will be the most effective defensive measure against Communist expansion. -Aly Khan

It is not necessary to dwell on the political and social principles of Islam, to underline how close they also are in spirit to the concepts of human rights which govern the political and social systems of the West. -Aly Khan

The contribution of Islam to history and modern civilization is the product of the efforts of peoples of many races and tongues which came to accept its way of life.- Aly Khan

Throughout the past, there has been a lack of intimacy, affection, and regard for Islam by Christianity. This, to a large extent, has been due to a lack of knowledge of the great human and spiritual ideals for which Islam and the teachings of Islam stand. -Aly Khan

Fortunately, historians are now beginning to recognise the historic role of Islam as a liberating force for peoples oppressed by the burdens of unjust social systems. -Aly Khan

Again and again, when Westerners are perceived as denigrating Muhammad, the Koran, or Islam, Islamists demonstrate, riot or kill. -Daniel Pipes

My career divides in two: before and after 9/11. In the first part, I was trying to show that Islam is relevant to political concerns. If you want to understand Muslims, I argued, you need to understand the role of Islam in their lives. Now that seems obvious.- Daniel Pipes

I draw a distinction between traditional Islam and Islamism. Islamism emerged in its modern form in the 1920s and is driven by a belief that Muslims can be strong and rich again if they follow the Islamic law severely and in its entirety. This is a response to the trauma of modern Islam.- Daniel Pipes

In the long term, the United States could greatly benefit Islam by uniquely freeing the religion from government constraints and permitting it to evolve in a positive, modern direction. But that’s the long term. -Daniel Pipes

We’ve got jihadists. That doesn’t mean that all Muslims are problems with respect to terrorism, but there is something going on here. We’ve got a problem dealing with one aspect of one portion of modern Islam – just as hundreds of years ago the world had a problem with Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition. -James Woolsey

Eradicating terrorist organizations and neutering radical Islam means very little if we cannot first guarantee we’ll all be here tomorrow. -Gillian Turner

I grew up in Jerusalem and went to school here. I studied at the Hebrew University – mostly Islam and Arabic: Arab literature, Arab poetry and culture, because I felt like we are living in this region, in the Middle East, and we are not alone: There are nations here whose culture is Arab.- Yitzhak Navon

I’ve always maintained there is no incompatibility between Islam and democracy. The Europeans, in general, confuse Islam and Islamism. Islamism is a political movement that instrumentalises the religion to get to power, which has nothing to do with religion. Islam here in Tunisia is a religion of openness, of tolerance. -Beji Caid Essebsi

No ideology is more unacceptable to our way of life than radical Islam. We don’t have to live in fear of it. This is an enemy we can defeat. -Jon Keyser

The bombers were enemies of Islam and enemies of the country. We will do everything and anything needed to stop them. -Khaleda Zia

All too many Muslims fail to grasp Islam, which teaches one to be lenient towards others and to understand their value systems, knowing that these are tolerated by Islam as a religion. -Abdurrahman Wahid

Others Well, the most important thing about Islam is that we have to differentiate between two kinds of Islam. The first one is the institution of Islam… second, the culture of Islam. -Abdurrahman Wahid

If we cling to the institution of Islam, then we tend to defend it against whatever we see as a danger to it, so because of this, we see now that many people are defending states, defending territories, defending everything institutional in the belief that they defend Islam. -Abdurrahman Wahid

There are many nice, peaceful Muslims, but the Netherlands is far too tolerant regarding the statements of the radical wing of Islam. -Els Borst

I was involved with the Nation of Islam. I wasn’t doing any marching. I’ve been involved with the Nation for 50 years. Back in those days, they tried to label us as black Muslims. There are Muslims all over the world. It doesn’t have to be black; it doesn’t matter what colour he is. The Mighty Hannibal Black World Color Matter The jihadists of ISIS wish to go back to what they see as a more pure form of Islam from the time of the Prophet and his companions. They believe in a literal interpretation of the Koran. -Paul Wood

There is no greater threat to America than Islam. -William G. Boykin

I made the film to bring the story of Islam, the story of 700 million people, to the West. -Moustapha Akkad

Beside all this I think there was something personal, being Muslim myself who lived in the west I felt that it was my obligation my duty, to tell the truth about Islam. It is a religion that has 700 million followings, yet it’s so little known about it which surprised me. -Moustapha Akkad

The cause of the break with the tradition of antiquity was the rapid and unexpected advance of Islam. The result of this advance was the final separation of East from West and the end of the Mediterranean unity. -Henri Pirenne

I don’t recognize any law but the Sharia of Islam. There is no compromise. John Walker Lindh Law Compromise Recognize Any As long as I am alive, there will be no rest for the enemies of Islam. I will continue my mission against them. -Osama bin Laden

The problem is not Hamas, the problem is not people. The root of the problem is Islam itself as an idea, as an idea. And about Hamas as an organization, of course, the Hamas leadership, including my father, they’re responsible; they’re responsible for all the violence that happened from the organization. -Mosab Hassan Yousef

I know people who support Hamas, but they never got involved in terrorist attacks, for example… they follow Hamas because they love God and they think that Hamas represents God. They don’t have the knowledge, they don’t know the real God, and they never studied Christianity. But Hamas, as a representative for Islam, it’s a big problem. -Mosab Hassan Yousef

Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of war, and most Muslims don’t understand the true nature of Islam. -Mosab Hassan Yousef

The biggest terrorist is the God of the Quran. I know this is very dangerous and this will offend many people. The more you follow the steps of the prophet of Islam and the God of Islam, the more you get close to being a terrorist.- Mosab Hassan Yousef

Hamas murders not only Israelis but also Palestinians whose political stance is different from that which its group promotes; that is, its radical religious outlook in which Islam is the solution to the world’s problems.- Mosab Hassan Yousef

World Problems Political Group We need to educate people about the reality of Islam, the logic of Islam. I am sure every free man in this world would fight the ideology of Islam. -Mosab Hassan Yousef

Beautiful Islamic Quotes in English

Be Patient – For what was written for you was written by the greatest of writers.

Many Skin colors. One Ummah. No Racism in Islam.

I said to Allah, “I hate life.” He replied, “Who asked you to love life? Just love me and life will beautiful.”

Men and women have equal rewards for their deeds. Quran 3:195

O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Quran 49:12

Shaikh Ibn Taymiyah Said: “The Heart was only created for the remembrance of Allah.” [Majmu Al-Fatawa 9/233 | Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya]

Ibn Al Jawzee Said: A person who truly fears his lord hoes not care about others and does not put himself in a position where his religion is at risk.

Don’t ever think that dying upon the shahdah will be easy. The tongue utters what’s in the heart. Reflect.

When you don’t understand what’s happening in your life, Just close your eyes, and take a deep breath and say, “Ya Allah, I know this is your plan just help me through it.”

The backbiter shall not enter Paradise

If you are in doubt ask ALLAH. Perform Salatul Istikhara

When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead.

Dear Muslimah…Don’t be proud of every guy wants you, cheap items have many buyers be a rare stone that only the pious can afford you, reach and get you in a Halal relationship (Nikkah)

Over 151,000 people die in this world every day, I thank Allah for still giving me some more time to fix my Akhirah…

Don’t be like those who forgot God, so God caused them to forget their own souls.

The more I see of the world the more i silently whisper, “Alhamdulillah for Islam”

When we repair our relationship with Allah, He repairs everything else for us.

Beautiful Islamic Quotes


No matter what your physical appearance, when you have kindness in your heart, You’re the most beautiful person in the world. – Mufti Ismail Menk

Take every day as a chance to become a better Muslim.

So What if this life isn’t perfect? it’s not Jannah.- Nouman Ali Khan

Islamic Sayings

Born from different mothers skins of all colours come together as brothers. that’s the beauty of Islam.

The Worst of our faults is our interest in other people’s Faults. – Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s Best Quotes About Life

The overly jealous seek to harm and hurt others, but in the end, only harm themselves. – Good quotes about life

If you want to destroy any nation without war, make adultery & nudity common in the next generation. – Salahuddin Ayyubi  Quote

Trust Allah when things don’t work out the way you wanted. Allah has something better planned for you.

Short Islamic quotes

O you who believe! seek help through patience and prayers indeed, Allah is with the patient. – Quran 2:153

When Allah pushes you to the edge, Trust him fully because only two things can happen. Either he will catch you or he will make you learn how to fly.

The bigger desire you have for a sin the bigger is your Imaan if you leave it.

A person’s tongue can give you the taste of his heart. – Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah

Control your anger or it will control you.

When you treat people well, Those same people might not treat you the same way. But if you pay attention, You’ll notice that Allah has sent other people who treat you even better. – Omar Suleiman

This Dunya “are you pleased with the life of this world (Dunya) rather than the hereafter (Aakhira)? But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the hereafter.”

Halal is a must. not just about what we eat but also what we wear and what we love.

Happy is the soul that found Allah before finding Dunya.

Insulting others is never a way of correcting them. Instead, it causes some damage & proves That we need to help ourselves. – Mufti Ismail Menk.

Best Islamic Quotes

Allah says: If Allah knows [any] good in your hearts, He will give you [something] better than what was taken from you. – Quran 8:70

Oh Allah, Give me the strength to distance my self from that which distances me from you.

When you’re close to Allah he softens your heart.

What is Jihad? smiling in the Tough moment is Jihad. keeping Patience in hard times is Jihad. Struggling for the good deed is jihad. taking care of old parents in a loving way is jihad. forgiving is jihad. Jihad is not what the media shows but what the Quran Says to strive and to Struggle!

Fill your heart with Eemaan and it will become the most peaceful place on earth.

The Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him Said: There will come a time when holding on to your religion will be like holding burning coal. – Sunan al-Tirmidhi: 3056

When Someone is behaving unjustly to you, find peace in the truth of the situation, knowing that Allah is enough as a witness.

Being a Muslim is about changing yourself not Changing Islam.

Invite people to Islam Even Without Words. Did they ask, How? He replied “With Your Manners”-Umar Ibn al Khattab Quote

Every new breath that Allah allows you to take is not just a blessing but also a Responsibility.

Dua Heals all negativity, hurt, anger, worries and depression. pray to Allah Daily.

The Dunya is not the resting place, it is the testing place.

Suicide Bombing is not from Islam Messenger of Allah Said: Indeed whoever (intentionally) Kills Himself, Then Certainly he will be punished in the fire of Hell, wherein he shall dwell forever. – Bukharee (5778) & Muslim (109-110)

Sometimes the blessings are not in what he gives, but in what he takes away!.

Do not force the religion on your family. show them the beauty of the religion through your own practice. – Nouman Ali khan

Islam Does not dismiss desires rather it disciplines them.

Some of the toughest ayat in the Quran has Allah’s name AR-RAHMAN in them to make it clear that just because Allah is the most Merciful, It Doesn’t mean he’s not going to carry out Justice.

Islam is mercy. If you see its opposite, cruelty, Then know that is not Islam.

When there is no way ALLAH will make a way.

Someone, Somewhere, right now is fighting for his or her life. You still have yours, so be thankful and spend it IN THE OBEDIENCE OF ALLAH.

Kindness is a mark of faith. and whoever is not kind has no faith. – Muslim Quotes

Being a Muslim is more than just going to the MASJID. ALLAH wants your Attention, not your Attendance.

Who can help you get through your problems? BUT ALLAH

Allah still loves and shows mercy to those who disobey Him. so imagine how much he loves those who obey him.

Don’t waste your tears on a broken relationship with someone you once loved. Invest your Tears to strengthen your relationship with ALLAH.

When love is for the sake of ALLAH is never Dies.

Why wish upon a STAR? when you can pray to the one who created it.

ALLAH makes the impossible POSSIBLE. So we revealed to MUSA. “Strike the sea with your staff and it split into two each part like a towering cliff.”

No matter how hurt you are. you will always find comfort with ALLAH.

Stay close to anything that reminds you of ALLAH.

Tahajuud. You can’t claim you tried everything if you never got up in the last third of the night to ask Allah for it. #TahajjudSalah

“No one besides ALLAH can rescue a soul from hardship ” – Quran 53:58

Guilt is a gift from ALLAH warning you that what you are doing is violating you soul. – Nauman Ali Khan.

Bad things in life open your eyes to those things you weren’t paying much attention to before. That’s a blessing from ALLAH too!

If you don’t intend to marry her” Keep your hands off another man’s Future wife. If you do Intend to marry her. Keep your hands off until she is your wife.

“If Allah wants to do good to somebody, he afflicts him with trials.– Sahih Al Bukhari

He doesn’t refer to it as “helping the Miskeen” or “giving charity to the Miskeen” Allah refers to this act as giving them what is their right and what they deserve. It is their right upon me and you and Allah is watching – Nouman Ali Khan

Allah’s timing is perfect in every matter. We don’t always understand the wisdom behind it. But we have to learn to trust it.

Fear Allah because of his punishment. Love Allah because he is full of mercy – Islamic Quotes & Sayings

The Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: “Do not wish to be like anyone except in two cases, ( The first is ) A person, whom Allah has given wealth & he spends it righteously. (The Second is) The one Whom Allah has given wisdom (The Holy Quran) and he acts according to it and teaches it to others.” – Saheeh Bukhari